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Whether you have unexpected guests or just don't want to do the work, local restaurants are there to make sure your Thanksgiving is filled with all the trimmings, and none of the mess.

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For Thanksgiving, create a healthy cranberry compote with loads of antioxidants, helping to lower the risk for cardio-vascular disease, to reduce blood pressure, and prevent urinary tract infections.

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This Thanksgiving prepare a fresh, organic turkey that will have your guests thankful for its moist, delicious flavor

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This classic Pumpkin Pie is egg free, silky and delicious. The recipe for pumpkin pie and whipped cream is easy to follow and perfect every time.

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This Thanksgiving pair the perfect wines with your meal and the seemingly endless flavors and spices.

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One Pumpkin Pie recipe skips the eggs, the other uses healthful Coconut Oil instead of vegetable shortening

Cake with caramel decoration / Photo: Jim Picht

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A drizzle of caramel is a cheap and easy trick to turn a regular cake into a holiday centerpiece, an office party sensation, and a Thanksgiving dinner show stopper.

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President Washington declared by Executive Order the 26th of November (now celebrated as the third Thursday in November) as a National Day of Thanks. Read his proclamation here

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If brining your bird, you should have all your "ingredients", including a thawed bird, ready to start no later than Wednesday morning.

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Colorful broccoli and cabbage coleslaw, tossed with nuts and dried fruit with a yogurt dressing makes for a delicious dish to serve with dinner and sandwiches

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