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One Pumpkin Pie recipe skips the eggs, the other uses healthful Coconut Oil instead of vegetable shortening

Cake with caramel decoration / Photo: Jim Picht

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A drizzle of caramel is a cheap and easy trick to turn a regular cake into a holiday centerpiece, an office party sensation, and a Thanksgiving dinner show stopper.

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President Washington declared by Executive Order the 26th of November (now celebrated as the third Thursday in November) as a National Day of Thanks. Read his proclamation here

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If brining your bird, you should have all your "ingredients", including a thawed bird, ready to start no later than Wednesday morning.

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Colorful broccoli and cabbage coleslaw, tossed with nuts and dried fruit with a yogurt dressing makes for a delicious dish to serve with dinner and sandwiches

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From the stuffing to the turkey to a dip for buttery rolls, turkey gravy is an important part of your Thanksgiving meal.

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Thanksgiving Day is a cherished and time-honored American tradition.

Turkey by John Spiegl, Spiegl Consulting | Jacquie Kubin

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Chef Mary will be ready to take your how-to questions while wine expert Duane Pemberton will be there to talk wines to pair with your favorite foods.

Pumpkin pie recipe

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Here is an egg free pumpkin pie recipe that has a great consistency and is just like mom used to make.

"Thanksgiving" by Doris Lee (1935) -

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Old traditions are dear to us too, especially at Thanksgiving. Many of them are age-old recipes handed down from generation to generation.

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