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The California primary only makes a difference to Bernie Sanders and the socialist message

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HIllary Clinton offers Energy lies, half-truths, and mis-directions to voters who she obviously thinks are too stupid to know the truth

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Trump isn't an ideologue, and Sanders voters aren't establishment Democrats. That raises possibilities that Trump should explore if he wants to win in November.

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Not only has Hillary claimed for herself the work of others, she proposes to interject the federal government into areas where it has no constitutional authority whatsoever.

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Every Supreme Court precedent that stretches common sense or legal protections takes us farther from the Constitution and the Founders’ intent. And fundamental American values.


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“Why would you, or anybody, spend six million dollars to get a job that pays $160,000 a year? And how could you pay it back?”

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Taking a cruise? Your ship stewards, servers and staff live off tips. Only American workers receive a minimum wage. Take some extra ones and fives to ensure a perfect sea cruise

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Hillary promises to cure Alzheimer's and reform immigration when she's president; protecting the U.S. and creating jobs aren't on her White House to-do list.

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Modern ships are much nicer than the one we saw on television nearly 40 years ago, but the work is hard, handling everything with a smile and efficiency, all day, every day.

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Trump's appeal is Trump. Whatever Trump's faults, he is not going to be controlled by whatever dark forces are running the Democrats and the Establishment Republicans.

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