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Donald Trump is a lucky man, and in nothing is he luckier than in his opposition: Reid, Obama, Hillary Clinton and the DNC have given him everything he wants.

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Carrie Fisher was a fine actress and writer, but Vera Rubin discovered a huge, hidden swath of the universe and profoundly changed our understanding of it.

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The presidential inaugural celebrations are about much more than the new president; they're about two centuries of peaceful, constitutional transfers of power.

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If the worry is electoral integrity, a recount in the WiMP states won't help. We need recounts in random precincts across the country, from now until doomsday.

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Castro brought Cuba universal health care and education, and the return of oxen as farm equipment and donkey carts as transportation. The left will miss him.

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The SPLC reported a spike in hate incidents in the week after Trump's election. Against a background of 250,000 hate incidents per year, how can they tell?

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Melania won't be wearing off-the-rack for Donald's inauguration. She has her choice of world renowned designers, so Mrs. Trump doesn't care. But should you?

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Post Trump's election, most people seem to be going about their business as usual, perhaps a little more hopeful or a little more fearful, but keeping their wits about them.

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The Electoral College is anti-democratic and archaic, but that doesn't mean that it's necessarily a bad thing; there are some good reasons to keep it.

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Donald Trump—President-elect Trump—ignited a political fire that has carried him to the White House. Will he watch it burn down Washington? Can he control it?

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The prayers, coffee, swearing-in, luncheon, and parade, was over - and it was time to dance, laugh and say thank you.