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Federal judge Mark Goldsmith dooms Jill Stein's ill-fated and ill-advised Michigan voter recount effort, which was clearly aimed to thwart Trump's electoral win.

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Donald Trump saw what was buried in the heart and spirit of these young minority voters and simply asked them “What do you have to lose?”

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As the FBI looks at Clinton—again—Americans will decide whether at last there's any "there there." Clinton's career hangs in the balance, but so does America.

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WikiLeaks reveal Clinton plan for open borders which make it that much easier for ISIS to bring Sharia Law and horrific terrorism to America’s streets

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Wikileaks continues to reveal Clinton's obfuscations - this time its her health.

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Black voters want to know is if the child that they gave birth to would have a fair shake at staying alive, education and breaking the chains of systemic poverty.

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Hillary Clinton and the Washington Post resurrects ‘birther’ controversy to divert attention away from her falling poll numbers and ‘basket of deplorables’

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Take Clinton at her word when she describes millions of moms, dads, police officers, military personnel, farmers, factory workers, grandparents, Christians, conservatives and all patriots, “racist, homophobic, sexist, xenophobic, or Islamophobic,” she means it!

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Donald Trump’s visit to the Motor City may go down in history as the point where black voters took back their self-respect and stood up for their rights.

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Death will not end the legacy of caring and giving of the two nuns in Mississippi.

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