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Iraq is currently facing a crisis that puts ethnic and religious groups under pressure of violence, torture and discrimination.

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Shia Muslims are oppressed in almost every country, even those where they are the majority.

An outpouring of solidarity with Brussels, but what about Baghdad?

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The bombing in Baghdad last week killed 292, yet it was hardly a blip in the West. Why are hundreds of deaths in Iraq so unimportant compared to five in Dallas?

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Daesh claims responsibility, but fraud, corruption, and Sunni indifference to Shia deaths set the stage for he deadliest bombing in Baghdad in over a decade.

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If Nigeria goes the way of Syria, the flood of refugees will dwarf anything from Syria; The Heritage Foundation has some solutions.

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Does Brexit signal a rightward, xenophobic and inward focus for British policy? Will it reduce U.S. engagement with the E.U. to bring peace to the Middle East?

Colby Georgsen Intern Free Muslim Association passing out flowers for International Shia Day (Image: Shia Rights Watch)

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Via social media and an event in D.C.'s Farragut Park reaching nearly 1,000 people that are now more aware of minority, and Shia, oppression.

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One might conclude we live in a world where money of Saudis and political interest on western societies wins over human dignity

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While delivering expired food to the desperate people of Syria may seem insignificant, it is yet another insult in a long chain of injury inflicted upon the Syrian people.

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Children might not have much power, but surely they have strong voices.

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