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Ecuadorian officials have restricted Julian Assange's internet access in the wake of Wikileaked emails and documents belonging to the Hillary Clinton campaign.

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A New Jersey judge issued a summons to Governor Chris Christie over his alleged role in Bridgegate. The complaint was filed by retired firefighter William J. Brennan.

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For the second time in three years a NSA contractor working for Booz Allen Hamilton successfully stole highly classified information while working for the super-secret spy agency.

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WASHINGTON, October 3, 2016 — Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos faced a severe political setback  after the country failed to reach a cease-fire with the...

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The first presidential debate of 2016, showed us Clinton was prepared to address the issues, while Donald Trump just spoke off the cuff. Clinton triumphed while Trump failed to draw any blood.

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Cruz's decision to endorse the nominee comes after previously refusing to do so despite being given a prime time slot at the GOP Convention.

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Tech giant Yahoo has learned it's become the latest corporate victim of cyber hackers due to a severe data breach affecting more than 10 million Yahoo users.

Snowden film

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Oliver Stone's latest film clearly has an agenda as Stone’s strong use of facts and real Snowden moments succeeds in selling Americans the opinion that he is “an American.”

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The clamor for the release of health records is likely to escalate following Clinton's near collapse, and could plan an important role in the November vote.

John Kerry at Dante's Gates of Hell

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WASHINGTON, September 9, 2016 – Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the U.S. and Russia reached an agreement a temporary cease-fire agreement in...

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