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Don't stop searching for life insurance after getting denied. There are still plenty of options to explore.

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But if you have anything that might set you apart from the masses, an independent agent is your best bet for finding the right policy for you.

Life insurance and business can be more than just a group policy. |

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Life insurance and business can be more than just a group policy. Creatively make it an asset for business owners and companies.

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Putting off buying life insurance? Learn about the potential mishaps of being uninsured.

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Certain health conditions or people who participate in high risk activities may need a high risk life insurance plan.

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There is a lot of misinformation surrounding Life Insurance that leaves you, and your family, at risk

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Might not want to talk about it, but not having insurance can cost you much more when the inevitable happens

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Financial freedom: sleeping soundly at night and not worrying about finances. Life insurance can help.

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Long term commitments can be a drag. Luckily life insurance policies are easy to get out of.

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The rumor mill leaves many Americans uninsured. Are you one?

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