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People in pain deserve our sympathy and concern—not death.

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The first debate taught us nothing of substance. All that remains are the one-liners.

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Colorado's political class seek to curb the power of the initiative

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Someone doesn’t know how to keep her mouth shut—literally.

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Initiative No. 75 would have given local governments the authority to regulate oil-and-gas development, including banning fracking. Initiative No. 78 called for a mandatory 2,500-foot setback around oil-and-gas operations. Both failed.

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The November ballot is a wish list of liberal ideas. You have to wonder what the Rocky Mountain high state is smoking.

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By calling attention to the Constitution right before the election progressives are playing a dangerous game.

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A look behind the curtain reveals a man who is a proponent of Sharia Law and works for a lobbyist law firm that is bundler for Hillary Clinton's foundation.

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Social networks are replacing TV networks as sources of news, while print media go bankrupt; that's what happens when there's no truth in the news.

Ben Sasse (l) (R-Ne) (Image Gage Skidmore CCO) Rand Paul (r) (R-Ky) (Image: Rand Paul Google+

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How the liberty movement has changed the Senate for the better

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