What should be the police's role?

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Keeping cops off the streets would stop them from running roughshod over our rights on a daily basis, as they do now, whether they intend to or not.

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Ben Franklin was right. Trade liberty for security and you get neither.

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But minimum wage laws make them crony capitalists with none of the benefits.

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But in reality, the president had little to do with Obamacare. And he really does not care what you think.

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Those principles relate to government suppression of speech and religion.

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What else can you call a promise to cut spending in two years in return for breaking the same promise made two years ago?

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Jesus' parables have consistently pro-capitalists themes, where Marxists are the sinners.

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History will not be kind to the president who built this monument to Big Brother.

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We don't infringe the rights of individuals because of what someone else did.

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Virtually every incident involving this fictional organization refutes the narrative.

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