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When all is said and done, it is going to take a radical to defeat a radical. Remember that it was the Republican Party of Lincoln that gave birth to the 1860s Radical Republicans who set the tone for social radicalism and true social justice.

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Stereotypical notions, such as “republicans have never done anything for blacks,” are cultivated, magnified and expressed as gospel truths by self-styled community leaders, politicians, and by a compliant media, all who stand to profit by these untruths.

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The issue is not Donald J. Trump. The issue is who will lead the Republicans of tomorrow against the threats from outside and within today

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There comes a time when an individual, a group, a military outfit, or even a nation must make a stand for the cause, whatever that might be.

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Trump is a huge gamble for conservatives—a man whose core political values seem hidden even from himself. Why are they investing so heavily in such a huge risk?

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Liberals, socialists, communist, Marxists, and GOP RINOs have made a mess out of what was once the most respected and most revered republic society ever

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Conservatives, Republicans, Independents, Tea Partiers - those that fall under the silent majority - are not so silent this election cycle. And they are shaking things up.

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For Trish, life in foster care was filled with trials. But she travailed. Graduated high-school and was accepted to two colleges. Unfortunately her story is the exception, not the rule.

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America is locked into a political fight for our way of live - In one corner is an avowed socialist, named Bernie Sanders. In the other corner is a brash and well-known capitalist named, Donald Trump.

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Through the perils of being teens, and in the foster care system, unity and family is found

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