Dan Bongino -

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Don Bongino is running for Congress in Maryland’s against incumbent, John Delaney. 3 words to describe Bongino's candidacy are blue collar, entrepreneur, grassroots candidate

Bongino on Google +

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The voters I talk to care very deeply about where this country is headed. The Baltimore Sun feels that we should all just give up and follow one-party orthodoxy

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The tea-party-backed candidate describes herself as a "Constitutional Conservative" and the serious conservative alternative to Alexander.

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CHICAGO - Chicago Republican candidate William J. Kelly is smacking his opponent Mayor Rahm Emanuel with all the dead fish references he can find,...

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CHICAGO, October 27, 2014 — As news circulated last week about an Illinois voting machine “calibration error” changing Republican votes to Democrat ones, a new...

John R. Wood

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John R. Wood is a politician that represents a new slice of the political loaf that wants seeks an elected body that lives among and works on behalf of the people

Eric Cantor at Holocaust Remembrance Day -

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So while some Tea Party conservatives and most liberal Democrats are celebrating, the Jewish Republican community suffered as crushing an election night defeat as Cantor himself did.

Dave Brat is victorious in VA over Eric Cantor

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Eric Cantor’s defeat in Virginia is a story of a massive ego. It is also a lesson for the GOP.


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DALLAS, June 9, 2014 — Everything is bigger in Texas, and that includes the 2014 Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Convention. The Fort Worth Convention...

Thad Cochran - Chris McDaniel

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The TEA Party candidate Chris McDaniel gives Thad Cochran a challenge he did not expect - runoff election will be in three weeks.

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