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Jason Simcakoski, a 35-year-old Marine Corps veteran died from a drug overdose while at the hospital Now vets are at risk following unsafe dental procedures. But there is some good news for Tomah Vets

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If Trump has the ability to “bury the hatchet” then why not give Romney a chance to see what he can do?

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While condemning the recount spearheaded by Jill Stein, Donald Trump has now alleged voter fraud, which could actually support the effort.

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Treason defined is "betraying one's country, especially by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government." Is this what those demanding a recount are doing?

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What do we want from our political leaders, and what do their parties encourage? No one who puts party, district or state above country deserves to hold office.

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Democrats are still reeling from Trump's victory, no longer shocked, but furiously panicked; Trump has the power to be a transformational, game-changing figure.

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A President Trump means the city and state leaders in California will be challenged to enforce federal laws vs. amended laws created by the state of California.

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Michelle Rhee was interviewed by CommDigiNews in 2010 and her answers offer some insight into how she will act as secretary of education under the new administration.

NYC Mayor Rudy Guiliana (Image captured by CommDigiNews)

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Former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani has become a possible choice for U.S. Secretary of State. But what about Mitt Romney or Nikki Haley?

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Clinton voters and anti-Trump protestors have a beef with white voters, the Electoral College, and the Constitution. So much anger, so little cause.

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Game of Thrones and travel fans will want to take advantage of this journey to Kings Landing for a once in a life time experience that will combine the greatest fantasy, GOT, and present day reality.