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"I didn't have to do it," Roof said. "But what I meant when I said that was that I felt that I had to do it. And I still feel that I had to do it."

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Liberals aren't just upset by a Trump presidency; they don't think that it is or ever could be legitimate. Beyond their usual whining, they say anything goes.


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The Georgia Tech swim team had their weekend canceled due to winter's white stuff, and this is the result (video)


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The Trump family is under scrutiny and that magnifying glass means a huge loss to St. Judes Hospital and other charitable recipients. The left, Making America Sick Again?


0 1378 journalists tell liberal celebrities we are over them and don't care what they have to say.

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At the young age of 39, Carpenter died following a slip and fall in Miami—the tragic death of a person making a difference in the community.

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One can imagine Cecil the Lion and his friends giving the big game hunter a karmic push. RIP Dr. Ponzetto - many animals will now be able to live in peace

Hillary Clinton.

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After allegedly reviewing 650,000 damaging Weinergate emails in 3 days, FBI Director loses all credibility by whitewashing the Clintons’ epic scandals. Again.

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Whistleblowers at a Pennsylvania Veteran Administration (VA) hospital say a board which could terminate their employment was convened in retaliation and has dragged on for nearly a year, long past the time it is supposed to take to make a decision.

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The question of when, or how, we will 'shuffle off this mortal coil' (Shakespeare) is one that remain unanswered. But can we hazard a guess.

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The prayers, coffee, swearing-in, luncheon, and parade, was over - and it was time to dance, laugh and say thank you.