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Clint Eastwood’s “Sully” is never coy about what it wants to accomplish. But this well wrought tale of an American hero stumbles when the NTSB enters the room.

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What 20th Century Fox thought this film was going to be wasn’t actually the film director Luke Scott created.

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The biggest problem in “War Dogs” is director Todd Phillips’ insistence on making characters David Packouz and Efraim Diveroli the focus of a troubling tale.

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In trying to portray the many facets of Panamanian boxing legend and cultural hero Roberto Durán, director Jonathan Jakubowicz gets lost in the details.

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In successful project management, you must pursue Quality, Cost, and Time. Except that you can only pick two. So Warners sacrificed quality in “Suicide Squad.”

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WASHINGTON, August 22, 2016 – As the 2016 blockbuster movie season winds down, it’s hard to think of a more divisive summer film release...

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Chris Pine and company return to the rebooted Star Trek franchise, as director Justin Lin keeps the action but tries to return this film to its earlier, more collegial and personal Gene Roddenberry roots.

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Woody Allen’s latest film is cinematically gorgeous and nearly 1930s period perfect. But Woody’s stand-in, Bobby (Jesse Eisenberg), predictably loves only himself, just like his director.

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“The BFG” has become a box office flop, most likely due to Steven Spielberg’s sugar coating of Roald Dahl’s cynical magic and complex character interplay.

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Marvel envy? With "Independence Day: Resurgence," Roland Emmerich has created a belated, empty sequel to the original “Independence Day” with an aim toward creating even more empty sequels.

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