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Wall Street’s Trump Jump in pause mode as traders and investors focus on inflation and America’s economic future in 2017 and beyond. Out with the old?

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OPEC move drives crude oil stratospheric, techs take a hit, banks, insurers speeding away on cruise control.

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Dow stocks up modestly Wednesday, while S&P 500, NASDAQ averages trade flat to modestly negative. Next weekend’s possible freakout: Italian constitutional referendum.

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Trump meets with, trashes media bigwigs (or not), claims New York Times scuttles meeting (or not). Stocks continue to climb. Crude oil soars. Any connections?

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Flat trading, dollar strength, oil and bond weakness slow stock markets’ Trumpathon rally to a crawl in Friday trading action. The problem: Fed virtually certain to raise rates in December.

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Some tech stocks like Apple (AAPL) finally get a bid. U.S. dollar hits 14-year high vs. basket of currencies. Incorrigibles continue to trash Trump victory.

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Wednesday’s massive stock market rally continued Thursday, as Trump-centric industries went on a tear. But today, Veterans Day, stocks seem to be taking a break.

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In election stunner, Hillary Clinton, Democrats, the MSM and die-hard #NeverTrumpers gobsmacked by Donald Trump's upset victory, confounding global markets and Wall Street alike.

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For better or worse, market action Tuesday and Wednesday is almost wholly dependent upon who wins the U.S. Presidential Sweepstakes: Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

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After enduring 8 straight days of sickening declines, pundits attribute Monday’s massive stock market rally to likely Hillary win. But what about the real reason: The McClellan Oscillator?

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