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What could be more ambiguous than a person behaving nonverbally – dressed in a clown costume – wearing a fixed, painted smile under a pair of cold, dead eyes… wielding a knife?

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Who needs popular respect when they have power? And who wouldn't want to get in bed with America's power couple, Bill and Hillary?

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The only thing Times’ readers can be expected to take away from the its exposé on Donald Trump's taxes is that obedience to the law does not remove the target from the backs of taxpayers where harassing federal tax collectors are concerned.

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It turns out that “fact-checking” is a mainstream media code word for “targeted attack.”

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If the first presidential debate accomplished anything, it brought into sharp focus the sorry state of modern American feminism.

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President Obama's veto of the aptly named “Justice Against Sponsors of Terrorism Act,” which allows Americans to sue state sponsors of terror, was overwhelmingly overridden by a 97-1 Senate vote.

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It's easier to win a debate by focusing on what people believe, and looking honest while you do it; Clinton will be challenged on both counts, even if she doesn't sweat.

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Are Hillary Clinton and President Obama responsible for the bombings which will not be named in New York and New Jersey?

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There was a time – long before Donald Trump – when the American government boldly engaged in “extreme vetting.”

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Presidential candidate Clinton continued President Obama's refusal to see Islamic terrorism, even when it was staring her in the face.

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