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Is there a simple way to ward off Alzheimers?

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Drink clean water and eat a nutritious diet are among the advice of skin care experts.

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Is freedom, the cornerstone of this country, at risk as the home of the free becomes the land of the fearful.

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Adorned with fresh organic blueberries, strawberries and raspberries, guests will certainly salute the hostess who adorns the dessert table with the United States' symbol of freedom.

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New and emerging research provides insight and hope for understanding how the virus affects the human body, and possibly, how to reduce the spread of infection.

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Travel and safety tips on avoiding the Zika virus for travelers making their summer vacation plans.

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This Seared Salmon with Sweet Potatoes recipe makes a great presentation and only requires minutes to prepare for a taste bud pleasing entree.

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The American Cancer Society provides recommended guidelines for early detection of breast cancer, colon and rectal cancer, cervical cancer, endometrial cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer and more.

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Pleasing to the palate and low in calories, blueberries are considered a springtime superfood.

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Memorial day is a holiday for both fun with family and friends as well as remembrance of those who gave their lives in service of America's freedom.

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