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Sectors like consumer discretionary, retail, transportation & travel and restaurants often benefit when consumers don’t have to shell out for higher gas prices.

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Saltwater Brewery introduces eco-friendly six pack rings made from barley and wheat ribbons, which are by-products of the brewing process. .

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With spring comes Easter and a mix of traditions that date back to the days before Christ

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It is not as simple, or as difficult, to manage Justice Scalia's absence from the court as being paraded out in the media. But there are influences that could make it a whole lot harder

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There is still considerable confusion about the virus and its impact, and health authorities note there are still numerous unknowns.

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Just days away from the release of the 2016 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition, anticipation is reaching a feverish frenzy.

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Numerous traditions and superstitions surround New Year's Eve and New Year's Day.

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For visitors who want to experience local Delray, following are a few locals-only tips:

Dance Macabre by Alice Popkorn for Flickr - Images used with permission of artist

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While America has created its own unique holiday, the United States is not the only country to celebrate Halloween or similar remembrances of the dead.

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Spotify, with the help of Notre Dame professor Tim O’Malley, has created a Pope Playlist for Pope Francis’ visit to the United States.

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If you are visiting Denver and haven’t stayed at the Inverness, do what so many have recommended and make this a destination.