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What has Obama done to try and stop the invasion of Ebola into America?

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The battle for freedom takes some unusual twists and turns. Sometimes there are unusual battles to be fought.

Mitt Romney, Hillary Clinton, Elizabeth Warren

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The worst kept secret in Washington is how much the Obamas and the Clintons despise each other. Barack Obama would rather see a Republican win than a Clinton.

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Why would America want to reward a nation that practices Sharia law? America has seen Sharia law at work with the recent beheading of two journalists.

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The Republican Party can start standing for something or it can find itself a museum exhibit, right next to the Whigs.

Michael Brown Funeral

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LOS ANGELES, August 24, 2014 — Michael Brown’s funeral is being held this Monday morning. While the loss of any life is sad, the loss of...

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The media dutifully reported the family’s claim that telling the truth about Brown was character assassination.

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An American Major General was killed in Afghanistan on Tuesday. Major General Harold Greene became the most senior officer killed in Afghanistan.

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There is another Senator who might fit the bill. He has served in the Senate since 1997. He is running for reelection unopposed.

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Many conservatives are demanding that the Republican Party do something to protect America and fight back against Amnesty.

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