President Truman

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To many Americans younger than 50, this so called “Korean Conflict” may not be viewed as significant as the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. In fact, this conflict was a global war.

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Although now not a widely known holiday, Juneteenth is a day to celebrate everyone’s freedom – not just for black Americans, but for all Americans.

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If one considers all the armies in history, or all the flags that have flown over those troops in battle, there are very few armies before the creation of the United States of America that could be associated with the concept of liberation and the fight for a foothold of freedom of a people.

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D-Day was about ordinary soldiers, sailors, and airmen and countless others who offered their lives for a greater purpose - a greater good. It is a day worth remembering.

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The cause for which those Union soldiers gave the last full measure of their devotion was that this nation, under God, had a new birth of freedom.

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A majority of citizens across the United States may not even realize that Armed Forces Day is even a legitimate American holiday.

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Cinco de Mayo is not a holiday that should not be tainted with political or racist efforts to divide people.

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George Washington and the Continental Army fought for the dream of Freedom.

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It is fitting that Lincoln be remembered as a great historic example of a person’s persistent belief in honorable ideals and making heroic sacrifices for the sake of others.

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Will the ideals of freedom espoused by Thomas Jefferson be there for America’s future generations?

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