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This volume of history should serve as a warning to beware of allowing too much power to be concentrated in the hands of determined and dangerous narcissists.

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Pearl Harbor may not have been such a “day of infamy” or quite as deadly had it not been for the intelligence gathering efforts of the Kuhn family.

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Focusing on the potential of human harmony requires a genuine effort intended to get past the pain of loss, past resentment, past the emotional and intellectual baggage, past religious or political dogma, and past negative, judgmental attitudes.

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A clear-minded student of history could conclude that the current Democrat Party views the land of the United States like Jackson saw the southeast portion of the U.S. – up for grabs for potential new converts to the Democrat method of perpetuating political power.

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By November of 1914, the alliances were revealed, the sides were chosen, and serious fighting had commenced.

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In the absence of a perception of strength of will, or the strength of unity tyrants slither from the shadows.

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Revisionist historians often ignore the story of the slaughter of 39 members of Columbus's sailors by native Americans at La Navidad.

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Dr. Benjamin Carson recently quipped in an interview that after studying the new APUSH material, it would make American students want to go and join ISIS. How could that be?

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On September 26 in California and in a few other states will celebrate American Indian Day or Native American Day as a way of remembering the people who came before the United States ever existed.

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Those who love the Land of the Free, must always be willing to give the full measure of devotion to preserve it.