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Americans have been called to action again and again to help the free world fight against tyranny. The very least the nation can offer in return is genuine gratitude toward the men and women could be called upon to throw themselves into the divide between liberty and tyranny.

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Lincoln warned of the weakness of a party divided...will current leaders hear his warning?

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Some question whether motherhood is an admirable profession in the 21st century.

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The original celebration of Cinco de Mayo marks the extraordinary victory of about 4000 Mexican patriots over several battalions of French troops on May 5, 1862.

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President Washington expressed genuine concern in that “the alternate domination” of one political party over another, thereby allowing one party to enjoy temporary power over the government that would use it to obtain revenge on the other.

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This sincere expression from Washington of his recognition of a Creator who helped him personally is a bit foreign to progressive-revisionist historians who depict Washington as a Deist.

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Earth Day(s) is considered to be of the most celebrated days throughout the world, but not too many people realize that there are in fact, more than one “Earth Day.”

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The brave Americans had taken up arms not for a country, but for a cause – a cause that Thomas Paine would proclaim to be the cause of all mankind. It was not long afterward that the cause would be more cogently articulated -- in the Declaration of Independence.

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If Americans started to actually believe that America was founded upon such self-evident truths, and the Founding Fathers had meant what they said in the Declaration of independence, the white southern aristocracy would soon be doomed – they responded to Abraham Lincoln in armed aggression to defend their “rights.”

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The amazing reality is that although Thomas Jefferson was indeed not present in Philadelphia at the writing of the Constitution, the future Secretary of State did influence James Madison via significant correspondence from across the Atlantic.

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