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All the wars fought, all the sacrifices of America's veterans are made nothing by the successful war against our cultural foundations. It's time to change the template.

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Pat Buchanan led a charge 23 years ago to preserve American culture and values. Those values may now be to debased to save. Who killed them?

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The national GOP has recently earned well-deserved scorn for its very awkward missteps in foreign policy.

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The fact is that every free society has limits on free speech and free expression.

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The grand jury decisions in Ferguson and on Staten Island starkly reveal the bankruptcy of the “dream.”

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Maybe if enough states would just say "no," the constitutional crisis would come to a head. Better now than after two more years of this dictator-wannabe.

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Maryland's Montgomery County Board of Education dropped all religious holidays from its 2015 school calendar after area Muslims asked to add a Muslim holiday to the calendar.

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Still, I have just one unsettling thought: if everything is permitted, then maybe nothing is permitted.

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WASHINGTON, September 29, 2014 — Back in 2008, the various Republican candidates for president unanimously stated their staunch opposition to same sex marriage. It was...

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The United State should not give support to some shadowy group of so-called Syrian “moderates.”

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