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We have become such a politically correct culture that we react more to somebody's unfiltered mouth than a candidate who talks about the rights of women but ignores the rights of baby women in the womb, even babies at full term who could survive outside the womb and instead are put to death by "partial birth abortion."

Obama's silence (screen shot from you tube)

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President Obama made no mention of Saturday's terrorist attacks until Monday morning.

By Andreas Wahra - Own work (own photography), CC BY-SA 3.0,

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Homosexuality may be many things—learned, genetic predisposition, result of prenatal hormone exposure—but the Bible is clear: Homosexual behavior is a sin.

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Clinton campaign exec. Christina Reynolds thinks Breitbart is radical, bigoted, and should be destroyed. Rome is a poor model for American political campaigns.

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Democrats love rights in theory but fear them in practice. Their talking points are a form of transference; Republicans reflect Democrats' own dark nature.

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Trump is a loose cannon; Republicans may wish to distance themselves, but it's time to think less about political careers and more about the country they serve.

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The same people telling Trump to tone it down dismissed him as a loser months ago. All they know is losing, but Trump is a winner, and that scares them silly.

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Will Donald Trump redefine "Republican"? If conservative hypocrisy continues, he just might

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We've seen them in debates. We've seen them on news shows. Now, let us watch the most compelling test of all!

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America is in the midst of a not so civil political war. How did we get here?

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