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In God’s Word, we see overwhelming evidence that faith and trust in Him through obedience is the key to our receiving bountiful blessings.

Even in a few inches of water, a child can drown. Practice good water safety at all times with our tips. Photo: Rain0975/Creative Commons License

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Whether it’s a pool, the ocean, or a river, water safety is important, especially for babies and young children. Follow these tips to ensure your water play stays fun.

Family at sunset - Image: courtesy / under CCOLicense

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President Obama remarked, “We have to decide whether we actually value families and keep them together for the sake of all of our communities.” But he is talking about immigrants. What about American families.

“The incidents of abuse and violence against children are so widespread that every child is at risk of becoming a victim,” says Sparc district Coordinator. PHOTO: CREATIVE COMMONS -

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The Hague upheld US custody rulings, sending "Ruby" back to a father who she says has been sexually abusing her since age 5. Experts support the child.


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Dyed Easter eggs are a colorful and fun way to celebrate the season of spring and Eastertide.

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WASHINGTON, May 8, 2014 — Self esteem is a critical element in helping children to avoid becoming victims of human trafficking. Parents and teachers...

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The Georgia Tech swim team had their weekend canceled due to winter's white stuff, and this is the result (video)