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Special Rock & Roll Hall of Fame exhibit in Cleveland this spring to highlight 2017 inductees. Induction ceremony to take place in Brooklyn, NY, April 7, 2017.

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Set in Georgetown and directed by William Friedkin, “The Exorcist,” based on Bill Blatty’s novel and screenplay, remains one of the most iconic horror films of all time.

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We've put together a list of the some the shows we think have the highest chances of being hits in the early part of this year.

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"Rare Exports" and "Krampus" are two offbeat and genuinely creepy films offering alternative versions of Christmas based on a pair of spooky European Christmas traditions.

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“It’s The Most Wonderful Time in 8 Years” will warm deplorable hearts everywhere. Merry Christmas to all! (Even Democrats with a sense of humor.)

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Get ready for that perfect night out by choosing to wear these essential, mind-blowing accessories.

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Director Denis Villeneuve delivers the year's best science fiction film with in "Arrival," which sets itself apart by relying not on action, but storytelling.

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It has always been our group of survivors that we knew would win. The arrival of Negan and the Saviors changed that with a few well placed hits of Lucille.

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In the film he documents the teens on real calls, how they were active saving lives and doing the job of Emergency Medical Technicians- including the stress of death

The Accountant

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WASHINGTON, October 14, 2016 — Ben Affleck transforms an everyday accounting job into a high-stakes action packed cat-and-mouse game in his newly released Warner...

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The prayers, coffee, swearing-in, luncheon, and parade, was over - and it was time to dance, laugh and say thank you.