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Viewed through the political wisdom of Election 2016, the Star Wars saga reveals that Emperor Palpatine was actually a great leader who prevented galactic war.

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Dr. Danny de Gracia shares five tips to make it through stressful holidays without cracking under pressure.

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Declaring God's "anointed" in an election makes a mockery of both the Bible and the American democratic process.

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9/11 reminds us of the importance of living a life without regret. The anniversary of the tragic events of September 11, 2001 remind us to always cherish the people in our lives.

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Are you a hopeless romantic? There may be hope for you yet! CDN talks with Susan Winter for timely tips on how to get the relationship breakthrough you've been waiting for.

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Online clashes over the Democratic and Republican nominees have wrecked Facebook friendships and even drove disagreeing family members to “de-friend” each other.

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The presidential race may be the big race, but the the thousands of smaller races that elect our state representatives can be equally if not more important.

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Life in "paradise" may actually be a nightmare for many Hawaii residents.

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Angry, excluded, and carrying a grudge against the modern world, the Alt-Right plays a significant role in Donald Trump's viral success.

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Why is modern America so weak? Even a Tyrannosaurus rex can turn with time and decline turn in a chicken.

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