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Do those little white lie, or black lies, matter? Do we expect politicians to lie? Do smart people lie more than others? Can we become a nation of truth tellers?

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Statements by individuals suggest that Dr. Samenow testified not as an unbiased expert but in favor of the party who paid him a higher fee.

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Critical Conversations host Lisa Ruth will be talking with Senior Political Editor Dr. Jim Picht and taff writer Jim Eltringham about America's right to vote

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Critical Conversations is a weekly hour headline news show; Graceland offers conservative talk radio

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This week's conversation includes Benjamin Netanyahu and Congress, Obamacare and the Supreme Court, Hillary's email problems, net neutrality, zombies, Dancing With the Stars and Mayweather vs. Pacquiao

Critical Conversations, February 26, 2015

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A weekly conversation on today's leading political, economic, domestic and world headlines

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Critical Conversations: The best headline news hour on podcasts hosted by Lisa Ruth and on the CommDigiNews Hour

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What is race baiting doing to America? Host Kevin Fobbs and author Star Parker discuss the trend she calls "Blind Conceit"

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Join the CommDigiNews Hour for a special two hour radio show featuring hosts LIsa Ruth and Critical Conversations followed by Jennifer Meadows and Graceland


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The United States is over $18 trillion dollars in debt and it continues to grow. Compact for America hopes to make a change.

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