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Loneliness is not more common in old people, cognitive decline is not inevitable, and creative ability may actually improve over time.

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‘A life of meaning and purpose is one focused less on satisfying oneself and more on others. It is a life rich in compassion, altruism and greater meaning.’

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‘Over a million patients a year lose their doctors to suicide,’ says Wible, which translates to about 400 doctors, or the average population of an entire medical school.

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been inclined to see God as our always present and hugely generous source of good.

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Tempting as it may be to sit around and grouse about the dishonesty of others, the demand is to be honest ourselves.

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How is it that a pastor in church extolling the benefits of gratitude can’t attract as many people as someone saying the same thing at a major university?

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Whoever wrote “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth” wasn’t saying people can’t be reformed, only that there are times when they shouldn’t be allowed to.

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All it took for Marcus, an inmate in a Pennsylvania jail, to decide not to kill someone was to be reminded he was a child of God.

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Helping patients maintain a sense of meaning and purpose during times of crisis can have a measurable impact on their health.

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Too often the more spiritually oriented strategies that might ultimately have the greatest impact on our most intransigent problems are left off the table.

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