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Mealtimes were events due to the number and variety of foods that were prepared and consumed.

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Here are some on how to accomplish your resolutions.

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Materialism, an overabundance of gift giving, cannot replace personal attention given to your loved ones.

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The veterans who served in World War II still have vivid memories of those days when Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and they stood up to meet the challenge.

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On this day, give thanks not only for our freedoms, but also for the blessing of friends and family. A day of togetherness rekindles family unity and creates memories we can re-live all year.

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It is time to vote for a real leader, a person of strong moral character and honesty, who America can stand behind.

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ST. LOUIS, October 17, 2016 – We all know the adage “Be Nice,” but how many of us really act on it? Sometimes, the world may...

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This year, there is a chance. A chance to change from chaos to balance. To pull those politicians back to their constituents.

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The barbershop during world war two was the gathering place for conversations and in particular, those conversations concerning the war and its impact.

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We need to initiate kinder, gentler driving and go back to some of the good old advice.

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The prayers, coffee, swearing-in, luncheon, and parade, was over - and it was time to dance, laugh and say thank you.