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The election isn't about what they've said, but about what the candidates will do in the White House. It's not about character, but policy. It's about you.

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The Drudge Report had it about right with this headline: “Trump Versus the World.” And like any survivor—including Hillary Clinton—Trump refused to give up.

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Clinton's dream is open borders and Wall Street cash; Trump's dream is a warm, firm and compliant piece of—well, you know. This election is America's nightmare.

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The millennial generation, raised on a steady diet of sound bites, must be approached in new ways, ways often beyond the ken of older politicians.

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The Obama Labor Department has accused a data analytics and security firm of discrimination against Asians. Observers consider the suit frivolous. It's also dangerous.

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LBJ spread a smear about a rival, saying, "Of course it ain't true, but I want to make the son-of-a-bitch deny it." The Democrats have learned that lesson well.

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One man is seeking a better future for his country, while the other is trafficking in the very worst impulses ingrained in pop culture.

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Abraham Lincoln warned that when people’s opinions decide the law, they would destroy this nation and destroy the government that was set up to allow freedom for all.


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High powered actors - Jeff Bridge, Chris Pine, Ben Foster and Gil Birmingham - make "Hell or High Water" the must-see indie film you may have missed. See it.

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Golda Meir and Margaret Thatcher were divisive but powerful women of high integrity who put country first. Hillary Clinton has the divisive part down cold.

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