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This column favors the Hamiltonian emphasis on fundamentals over Jeffersonian political rhetoric

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Merry Christmas, America! With the demise of Political Correctness, summarily dispatched by the outspoken, individualistic Trump, we now feel freer to say out loud, “Merry Christmas!”

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The results of the recent U.S. election, as well as their own declining revenues should give the MSM a clue: Change or die.

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America is back. Through its new leader, President-Elect Trump, we are standing taller. Middle America, the backbone of the country, is again onboard. Tonight, there is nothing we cannot do.

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The Trump Effect has shocked the easily offended and the professional whiners, and Kellogg's has joined them in pulling its ads from

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It’s been so long since America has had a truly brilliant strategist behind the Resolute desk that perhaps we have lost all capacity to see one when he’s standing before us.

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"Fourth Estate" most commonly refers to the news media, especially print journalism or "the press". Will President-Elect, and President Donald Trump tell them to go jump?

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Trump will be surrounded by newly bipartisan former enemies, all ready to do deals, all of them making sharks look like gold fish. He'd better count his limbs.

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The establishment have their cannons loaded, and will do and say anything to elect a member of their own to the highest seat in America, if not the world, someone who will cooperate and graduate based on holding tight to the club’s circle of power and social standing.

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The rise of Donald J. Trump who touts himself as a “Law and Order” candidate partly may be laid at the feet of the likes of James Comey and Hillary Clinton.

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