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It's high time we learn the difference between sex and rape and between ISIS "husbands" and rapists. Words matter, and our women matter even more.

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WASHINGTON, March 21, 2016 - When Donald Trump proposed “taking out the families” of ISIS fighters, political opponents conjured up a vision of American soldiers...

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U.S. universities, no longer marketplaces of ideas, are a weird admixture of Komsomols, jihadi training camps, collective pot farms, and day cares. Ironically, indoctrinated graduates enter a Marxist political economy under radical Islamist attack with futures as grim as the conservative professors they cyberburn into obscurity.

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It’s easier, faster, and more viscerally satisfying to ignore facts and destroy those whose messages we don’t like. Let truth, justice, and everything else be damned.

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It is outrageous to condemn women to Hell for not voting for Hillary. Freedom of choice, after all, is what feminism is supposed to be about.

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We ignored George Orwell's warning about Socialism in his novel, 1984. And now, Socialism has joined forces with radical Islam to destroy us.

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Election 2016 is not just a choice between whomever Republicans and Democrats nominate. It is a decision between freedom and peace on the one hand, or slavery and war on the other.

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Here is how to turn the fight against radical Islam around , win, and make America great--and safe--again.

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The proper response to President Obama's executive orders threatening gun rights is to recognize a national duty to bear arms.


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Molon Labe, an ancient Greek phrase of defiance meaning “Come and take them,” might form the name of a third political party.

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