Harry Reid at Center for American Progress Fund - Licensed under CCO -

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You can't keep your doctor or your plan, your deductibles and insurance costs are up, and major insurance companies are dropping out: Obamacare is a success.

Judical Watch: Huma Abadeen email.

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The Crown Prince of Bahrain couldn't get an audience with Hillary Clinton until he made a donation to the Clinton Foundation. Is this a problem for Clinton?

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President Obama's optics in the face of national disaster are fundraising, vacationing in Martha's Vineyard, despite Obama's past criticism of President G.W. Bush.

Official Portraits of Ten U.S. Presidents better than HIllary

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President Obama was out of line to say that Hillary is the most qualified candidate ever, he clearly has no grasp whatsoever on American political history.

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Bernie Sanders was, is, and will always be a fraud.

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The GOP message on Monday was punish bad cops, but support law, order and the police; the Democratic convention message is shaping up to "don't shoot, pigs!"

Bernie and Hillary: Definitely not cool

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Rand Paul is way cooler than Hillary Clinton; Ron Paul makes Bernie Sanders look like a curmudgeon for grandpa's Establishment; they're the guru versus The Man.

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Criminal? That remains to be seen, but "incompetent," "callous," "dishonest," and "unwilling to take responsibility" all seem to describe Hillary Clinton.

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WASHINGTON, June 16, 2016 — The 2016 presidential cycle has been unlike any other in an incredible variety of ways.  It seems scarcely possible...

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It's not that millennials don't know about the's that they don't care.

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