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It is an emotional subject, to be sure. Mass shootings call many to action, they grab the attention of voters, and they can bring a President to tears. But what about all of the other victims of gun violence?

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With examination, the democrat's proposal to not allow individuals on the "terror watch list" purchase guns, is very dangerous to those that do not want to lose their freedom

Cartoon by LATUFF CARTOONS | Reprint permission requested -

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Despite the terrorism attacks in Paris this weekend, American cannot and should not invade Syria

Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., kisses Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., at rally at the Amway Arena in Orlando,

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The President has most likely not forgotten the black eye that the Benghazi scandal gave, albeit temporarily, to his administration.

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Hillary Clinton, seeking to garner attention, and probably pick up some new supporters, said that she believed Australian style gun politics is something that the US should mull over.

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Alas, as the day draws to a close, we could not find one government employee who could tell us anything about the Constitution.

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Hillary Clinton is an apex predator, she will come out on top no matter what she does.

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Biden’s entrance into the race may spell the end for Hillary Clinton, who the DNC may end up pushing away as the investigation into her email account activity goes on.

Hillary Clinton and Herman Cain with the Ghost of Bill - Images adapted from the work of Donkey Hotey on (some rights reserved)

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The enormous disparity between the treatment of the American media of Herman Cain in 2011 and Hillary Clinton from 1996 to now is a glaring example of the media bias present in this country.

19th Century Chancery Court - Thomas Rowlandson (1756-1827) and Augustus Charles Pugin (1762-1832) (after) John Bluck (fl. 1791-1819), Joseph Constantine Stadler (fl. 1780-1812), Thomas Sutherland (1785-1838), J. Hill, and Harraden (aquatint engravers) - Unknown- original image found

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An Amicus brief filed on behalf of San Diego in the case of Peruta v. San Diego, Everytown For Gun Safety , references 14th Century English Law

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