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The claims of a rigged election have no basis in reality, but seem to be a diversion to direct voters' attention away from emerging scandals which have been engulfing the Trump campaign.

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GOP leaders knew who Trump was, but rather than unite against him, they endorsed him. And now they're abandoning him. What does this say about their principles?

The School of AthensbyRaphael(1509–1510), fresco at theApostolic Palace,Vatican City.

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If we follow 'cultural appropriation' to its conclusion, will only Jews be allowed to interpret the Bible and Greeks, Plato? Must Gauguin's paintings be burned?

President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel hold a joint press availability in the Oval Office July 6, 2010. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

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Sadly, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are firm supporters of a $38 billion military package that is destructive policy.

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The Epipen and Wells Fargo are hitting high marks on the greed scale. It was the second time that week lawmakers called a chief executive to answer to charges of greed

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America fought so hard to desegregate so why are college campuses providing segregated housing?

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Trump and Putin are two tough guys who won't back down from a fight. But Putin is also a thug who kills his political enemies. Trump shouldn't embrace him.

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We have had far more heat than light when it comes to the Trump campaign's immigration policies, politics simplifying complex problems for partisan advantage.

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Colin Kaepernick has a right not to stand for the national anthem. But if he knew more about the history of black patriotism in America, he might change his mind.

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Extremist groups on both sides welcome divisions. Both campaigns, unfortunately, have been associating with divisive elements in our society.

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