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Nat Hentoff leaves us at a time when the free speech he embraced is under widespread attack, particularly on the nation's campuses, which concerned him greatly.

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Donald Trump may be the sort of political leader hoped for by the Founding Fathers: One who would go home after serving and not stick around to enrich himself.

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Sowell has been a strong advocate for a genuinely color-blind society, in which men and women would be judged on their individual merit, not on the basis of race. He now retires.

Photo Credit: Prime Minister of Israel (Creative Commons)

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Is Israel only an "ally" when it comes to receiving American aid, or will it also be an "ally" when it comes to advancing American interests, and justice, in the region?

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Donald Trump wants to crush ISIS; he doesn't need a bomb-throwing ambassador to Israel who will undermine American and Israeli security and strengthen ISIS.

Vladimir Putin / Photo: firdaus omar, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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The liberal outrage over Russian allegedly attempting to influence America through some device known or unknown is playing right into Putin's plans to divide and conquer the Western worlds.

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Propagators of Fake News on the internet have replaced the crazy man sitting at the end of the bar. But they are far more dangerous.

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Telling less than the truth to the American people is hardly new. Lies have consequences, often deadly ones.

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UVA has gone mad. Contemporaneity is applying present day mores to the lives of people hundreds of years ago as thought we were all born liberally enlightened.

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Why Fidel Castro attracted admirers in our own society is part of the larger question of why he had appeal to men and women who seemed indifferent to Communism's rejection of freedoms.

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