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Although Barack Hussein Obama made history by becoming the first black president in the United States, he routinely used race as a shield or a weapon, and because he is a politician, he found ample opportunities to do so.

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Before Obama leaves the White House, and before Hillary Clinton runs for mayor of New York City, all kinds of intelligence operations should be initiated to help President Trump eradicate the shadowy, sleezy, and corrupt habits of the entrenched political class.

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The new Congress is in session now, and before Obama leaves the White House, he should be seen for what he really is, and that is not a true American.

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President Barack Obama made his final foreign policy speech the day before Pearl Harbor Day, and attempted to defend his overall efforts in fighting the War on Terror.

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From last Thursday and extending over the weekend, in downtown Portland, Oregon, chaos erupted as ostensibly peaceable demonstrations against the election of Donald Trump as the 45th President of the United States turned ugly.

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Perhaps Mr. Trump could even make one of the best deals he has ever made in his life: to create a genuine partnership with heaven to make America great again!

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It will hopefully be up to the American people to still have the courage to alter or to abolish any form of government destructive of their rights and freedoms.

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Americans need to wake up and reject the deception – not just in the 2016 election, but for good.

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The respective platforms of each major political party reveal significant differences with regard to many decisions regarding the future of the United States.

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Today, the future of True Freedom still depends upon those who cherish it.

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