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Only the American people who still love their country need to demand an end to the charade.

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Suddenly, morality matters to the Democratic Party?Only if they can utilize inequities to smear a political opponent. How transparent and hypocritical.

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The indignation of the Democratic Party is hollow, and the righteous disdain of the traditional GOP elitists is also a little too little, a little too late.

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Today in reality, there is one political party (Washington opposed any as he believed that they had the capability to destroy the Republic by destroying the unity he describes in this quote) that currently has no qualms in mustering division and disloyalty to the Union in place of loyalty to Party.

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If the freedom that many Americans take for granted still matters to citizens, they could take one step forward to challenge historical amnesia, and go see Dinesh D’Souza’s latest film, and not let the “Party of the Lie” tell people how to believe.

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The surprise invasion of South Korea by North Korea on June 25, 1950 put America back into global war.

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President Obama doesn't seem to understand that the intent or the Orlando terrorist was to kill Americans because they were Americans.

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“Juneteenth,” also known as “Emancipation Day” or “Freedom Day.” It is definitely a holiday that deserves a more substantial place in America’s history.


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In the history of the world, strong foundations have been established for the advancement of freedom, and the Magna Carta stands as one of those cornerstones.

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If Trump's message were anti-immigrant, the mob in San Jose would have been Exhibit A; anti-American, anti-democratic, left-wing thuggery was on full display.

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