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The torture and repression of Bahrain's Shia citizens has grown from individual persecution to systemic suppression of human rights activists and intellectuals.

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To correct a human rights problem, you first have to admit you have one.

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Shia Muslims are often targeted as terrorists, not because of any factual reason, but because they they peacefully stand up for their rights

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Jews, Christians and Moslems worship the same God. When groups like ISIS promote religious hatred, they are rejecting centuries of religious tolerance in the Islamic world.

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The death toll at last year’s Hajj, in Saudi Arabia, topped 2,177 individuals according to Al Jazeera, however in war-torn Iraq the Shiite commemoration of Arbaeen had a remarkable fatality count of zero, despite realistic and continuous threats from both ISIS and Al Qaeda.

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Writer Jalal Moughania shares his journey to Karbala for Najaf changing hearts and minds as to who Muslims are

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Lebanon shares much history with France; now that history includes the fight against terrorism. As the writer journeys, he is asked to 'pray for us' when he gets there.

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Leaving home for a long trip is never easy, but it's worse when you're going someplace the world thinks is scary. The home turf of ISIS qualifies.

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BEIRUT, Nov. 20, 2015 —Working and traveling so much in the past few months, I had little time to prepare for the trip ahead. It...

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Next month millions will walk to Karbala. They walk to relive the memories of Hussain's sister Zeinab, the eyewitness survivor who would live to tell his story.

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