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The Kurds: Our best investment against the spread of the Islamic State

The Kurds: Our best investment against the spread of the Islamic State

The Kurds occupy a semi-autonomous region, collectively known as Kurdistan, within the national boundaries of 4 countries – Iraq, Iran, Syria and Turkey.

Muslims praying

Making sense of the “Open Letter to Moderate Muslims”

WASHINGTON, October 10, 2014 — Under the nom de guerre “The Atheist Muslim,” an individual named Ali A. Rizvi, wrote a rambling article called An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims, where he conflated nearly every aspect of extremism with the behavior of moderate Muslims. Rizvi begins by criticizing Reza Aslan for being upset with Bill

A politician attempts to force food into the mouth of a fasting Muslim

Indian Parliament members force feed Muslim during holy month of fasting

WASHINGTON, July 28, 2014 — India’s government is furious at the actions of some members of its parliament, after it was revealed that a hard line politician forced a Muslim to eat food while he was fasting. The act was condemned nationally by religious Hindu and Muslim organizations, as well as a variety of humanitarian

UN Secretary General meets with Grand Ayatollah Sistani (Source: UN)

United Nations Secretary General meets with Grand Ayatollah Sistani

In an unprecedented move, Grand Ayatollah Sistani met with UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon today, regarding the crisis in Iraq. The Grand Ayatollah has traditionally refused to meet with representatives from the United States or Europe. For that reason, a meeting with the United Nations signals a major decision on the part of Sistani.

Bahrain's foreign minister, bowling for diplomats / Photo: Bahrain Foreign Ministry

Bahrain expels senior US diplomat for meeting with Shiite Muslims

WASHINGTON, July 7, 2014 — Bahrain expelled U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor Tom Malinowski from its borders today in what could be the beginning of an international incident. AP reports, “Bahrain’s Foreign Ministry says that a top U.S. official has been declared persona non grata and asked to leave the country, just