Middle East

Middle East

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Two new Canadian studies challenge many Western ideas of Islam.

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New reporting suggests that the US Central Command, CENTCOM, intentionally twisted intelligence about US efforts against ISIS and al Qaeda, jeopardizing US personnel and interests.

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Iraq is currently facing a crisis that puts ethnic and religious groups under pressure of violence, torture and discrimination.

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Barack Obama and his loyal cronies continue to insist that “ISIS is not Islam.” Yet these politically correct statements ignore the obvious.

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How is that other minorities affected by ISIS are given an opportunity to talk about their struggles, but Shia and Shaback are not given the same opportunity?

Screen shot of Swiss Cargo plane delivering cash to Iran under cover of darkness

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Democrats and Republicans can't agree on the basic facts of the payment: Was it quid pro quo? Resolution of a legal debt? Did Iran show that it's trustworthy?

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Iran's ballistic missile tests notwithstanding, the Obama Administration opposes expanding funding for Israeli missile defense procurement and development.

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Obama is ready to announce the collapse of ISIS strongholds, but ISIS is people, not territory. And they're more dangerous when you don't know where they are.

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Liberals are trapped in the narrative that Islam is a "religion of peace." There are no religions of peace, but no religion is as militant about it as Islam.

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Not to call out Islamic terrorism is to surrender to it.

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