Middle East

Middle East

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GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel March 25, 2015 — Barack Obama is very lucky the White House is not made of glass, because the stones he...


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Obama has and will continue to punish Benjamin Netanyahu for being elected by the will of the Israeli people.

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CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, March 23, 2015 – For all the apologists who continue to insist that Islam is a “religion of peace,” there is a...

Netanyahu - ABC Screenshot

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Israel's policies are not only a threat to American interests in the Middle East, but to Jewish values as well.

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Before they teach the Constitution, Republicans should make sure they know the Constitution.

Reform must come from within / Photo: Rizal Tahir, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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A common perception is that “moderate Muslims” are doing nothing to fight ISIS; One Muslim scholar says that is not true.

Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress

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Prime Minister Netanyahu noted that a picture of Moses was hanging in the back of the capitol. Moses’s people will not back down. They will survive.

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President Obama pulled out all the stops to prevent Bibi from speaking to Congress. Tomorrow we will see it did not work.

Photo Credit: Prime Minister of Israel (Creative Commons)

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Should the administration expect Benjamin Netenyahu to be quiet when Israel is in the crosshairs of the Islamic powers in the Middle East?

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When it comes to terrorism, the Obama Administration thinks, "it's the economy, stupid." Stupid indeed.

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