Middle East

Middle East

Jonathan Pollard

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The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations held a secret meeting with Jonathan Pollard, convicted and confessed spy and traitor. Why?

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Joe Biden appears to have hinted at plans to escalate America’s intervention in Syria. What role should the U.S. have in the war against the Islamic State?

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President Obama claims that ISIS is not Islam, but ISIS has a different point of view, and in its slick new magazine, it capably explains why Obama is wrong.

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Here is how to turn the fight against radical Islam around , win, and make America great--and safe--again.

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The death toll at last year’s Hajj, in Saudi Arabia, topped 2,177 individuals according to Al Jazeera, however in war-torn Iraq the Shiite commemoration of Arbaeen had a remarkable fatality count of zero, despite realistic and continuous threats from both ISIS and Al Qaeda.

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An intelligence source told Agence France-Presse the Australians were a couple in their 80s from Perth who had lived in Djibo, which is near Baraboule

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The key to the Middle East and its problems is Islam; the solution has nothing to do with Israel, everything to do with Islam. Hugh Fitzgerald explains.

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ISIS has released a 'how to' manual for lone-wolf jihadists that brings a new level of sophistication to Islamic terrorism and mocks Western efforts to stop it.

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Global conflicts mean that there are millions of children who are being denied the most basic of educations as their families time is spent in the nomadic pursuit of safe harbor.

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If we fight against Daesh, we'll lose; the fight isn't with a group, but with Wahhabist ideology, which is embraced and promoted by our ally, Saudi Arabia.

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