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A response to Allan C. Brownfeld’s self-destructing anti-Israel column

A response to Allan C. Brownfeld’s self-destructing anti-Israel column

GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel September 18, 2014 — It is not all that odd to see an intelligent savvy American politician make veiled (or unveiled) anti-Semitic accusations these days. Heck, the Vice President of the United States (although evidence seems to indicate he is neither intelligent nor savvy) used the popular Jew-haters’ moniker, “Shylock,” in a

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Beheadings an Islamic tradition, source of healing

CHARLOTTE, N.C., September 14, 2014 — One thing Islamists know for sure is that no matter how often they behead someone according to their barbaric practice, it will never be perceived as commonplace in the West. That is why each new beheading is treated with as much repulsion as the last. Despite overwhelming evidence that the

We shall fight on the beaches and in the streets, we shall never surrender.

Obama phones it in with timid, risky ISIS plan

WASHINGTON, September 12, 2014 — President Obama’s comprehensive plan to “degrade and destroy” the Islamic State is reminiscent of a research paper assigned months ago and written the night before it was due. It was appropriately delivered in a speech that had a phoned-in quality. The most surprising thing about the plan is that it

ISIS takes a selfie

Raising ISIS: Willful misconduct by Obama Administration?

WASHINGTON, September 3, 2014 — The Obama Administration’s bizarre and ill-conceived foreign policy, covert CIA activities in Libya, Egypt and Syria, and the spillover into Iraq raise grave questions about administration goals. The all-but-certain collapse of Afghanistan and the atrocities we are seeing in Iraq and in Syria are not a product of miscalculations. The miscalculation interpretation of