Middle East

Middle East

John Kerry's Nuclear Iran

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The Associated Press reports that Iran will be allowed to conduct its own inspections at Parchin.

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Once lifted, the threat of reinstating sanctions against Iran is meaningless - far too little, too late. We just need to look at South Korea to know that.

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An Al-Jazeera interview with John Flynn, the former DIA chief, offers a damning assessment of US foreign policy, with willful support of ISIS and al-Qaeda.

Obama by Donkey Hotey - https://www.flickr.com/photos/donkeyhotey/

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The most dangerous part of the Iran deal is that Obama doesn’t care that he made a bad deal

Jonathan Pollard

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A zionist Jonathan Pollard evidently believed the propaganda he was raised on. For spying on the U.S. he has paid a heavy price, but not an unreasonable one.

Neville Chamberlain - Wilt Chamberlain

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If Neville Chamberlain created the Frankenstein monster out of Adolf Hitler in 1938, the world has just witnessed the evolution of making Iran into Frankenstein Junior in Vienna, and Barack Obama was the surgeon.

Who you trust? No. 7 or No. 44 - or neither Images courtesy https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

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The Iran nuclear arms deal has produced an entirely predictable result: Both sides disagree about what the deal actually means.

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Obama's terrible deal with Teheran is nothing but bad news for the Jewish State, and trying to claim otherwise is absurd

Iranian President Rouhani has won as Obama and Kerry move to the back of the international picture

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Presidents that follow Obama will need to sort out the chaos, and war, that will follow the Iran deal

The biggest difference between Obama and Chamberlein's deal is the Israel Defense Forces (near the Gaza Border Credit: Creative Commons-Flickr Israel Defense Forces)

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If Judaism and Israel are to survive Liberal Jews have to put their Judaism first and break with a Democrat president and Secretary of State on a messianic suicide mission.

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