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A copy of the newly discovered Ma VI 165 Quranic script - which may be the oldest copy of the Quran in the world.

World’s oldest Quran discovered and may be linked to Imam Ali

World’s oldest Quran discovered and may be linked to Imam Ali

WASHINGTON, November 19, 2014 — Researchers from the Project Coranica at the University Library in Tübingen, Germany have discovered a copy of the Quran that may be the oldest in the world, dating to within 20-40 years of the death of Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. The copy of the Quran, dubbed Ma VI 165 by scientists,


Shia Rights Watch releases video documenting ISIS human rights abuses

WASHINGTON, November 5, 2014 — Last week, Shia Rights Watch released a 9-minute video outlining some of the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS in Iraq. In conjunction with Imam Hussain TV and Laaya Productions, several interviews were conducted with victims of the unfolding disaster in the country. Those interviewed repeated stories of rape, murder, and forced relocation from cities such

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Making sense of the “Open Letter to Moderate Muslims”

WASHINGTON, October 10, 2014 — Under the nom de guerre “The Atheist Muslim,” an individual named Ali A. Rizvi, wrote a rambling article called An Open Letter to Moderate Muslims, where he conflated nearly every aspect of extremism with the behavior of moderate Muslims. Rizvi begins by criticizing Reza Aslan for being upset with Bill