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A Scud missile displayed in Raqqa, Syria, this week by ISIS is “more propaganda than operational”

Can ISIS get access to nuclear weapons through Pakistan?

Can ISIS get access to nuclear weapons through Pakistan?

CHARLOTTE, N.C., November 25, 2014 – The United States and its Western allies have capitulated to Iran, extending talks designed to limit the Iranian nuclear weapons program. The Iranians got precisely what they wanted, which is more time to develop their nuclear arsenal. At the same time, a potentially more dangerous result may be developing in another Muslim country

An explosive situation

Iran nuclear talks fail, deadline reset

WASHINGTON, November 24, 2014 — The November 24 deadline for a nuclear accord between Iran and the West came today with the two sides still divided by numerous technical issues. They agreed to push the deadline back by seven months. Secretary of State John Kerry said that “real and substantial progress” has been made to


Shia Rights Watch releases video documenting ISIS human rights abuses

WASHINGTON, November 5, 2014 — Last week, Shia Rights Watch released a 9-minute video outlining some of the atrocities perpetrated by ISIS in Iraq. In conjunction with Imam Hussain TV and Laaya Productions, several interviews were conducted with victims of the unfolding disaster in the country. Those interviewed repeated stories of rape, murder, and forced relocation from cities such