Middle East

Middle East

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Russia is one of a few countries to continue to produce and deploy cluster bombs on a wide scale, and their use in this conflict, mimicking the strategies of the Assad regime, threatens civilian lives on a large scal

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After the fall of Kunduz, Taliban threatens Pal-i-Kumri as Afghan forces crumble

Photo: Syrian rebel group says hit by Russian air strikes / Image courtesy of Arab World

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Sen. John McCain speaks out about Russia's entering Syria and six years of the feckless Obama with today's Russian strikes causing deaths of more civilians, more children.


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Americans, with our massive, no-strings-attached financial aid to Israel have been enablers to Israel's occupation of the West Bank and the apartheid state of Palestinians

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Every year, many pilgrims lose their lives, catch various diseases, receive poor services and lack food during Hajj, while Saudi makes more than 9 billion dollar from the event.

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Following the offer of Saudi Arabia to build mosques in Germany for the refugees arriving there, a Syrian girl sends a letter to the Saudi king.

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The date September 11 now has three tragedies attached to it - The World Trade Center, Benghazi and the Hajj crane collapse. It is time for both East and West to mourn these tragedies

Base photo courtesy of UNHRC - http://www.unhcr.org/thumb1/50605c1c6.jpg

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Do you understand the nuances of the Syrian refugee crisis? Communities Digital News Editor in Chief Lisa Ruth offers her thoughts on the crisis.

Riots on Kos, Greece - courtesy of http://greece.greekreporter.com/

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As Syrians flee their homeland in droves, Europe is forced to deal with choosing compassion for human rights and/or telling the Muslim migrants to go elsewhere.

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If we're afraid of losing what makes us special to a wave of refugees, we needn't worry; we've already lost it.

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