Middle East

Middle East

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The divide came when the Prophet Muhammad died in the year 632 AD and Islam split into its two main sects: Sunni and Shia. Terrorism comes from radicals inside the Sunni sects.

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If Nigeria goes the way of Syria, the flood of refugees will dwarf anything from Syria; The Heritage Foundation has some solutions.

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Does Brexit signal a rightward, xenophobic and inward focus for British policy? Will it reduce U.S. engagement with the E.U. to bring peace to the Middle East?

Iranian President Rouhani

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Obama lives in his own world, his views conditioned by radical idealism and the politics of black oppression in white America. He can't see Iran as it is.

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It's high time we learn the difference between sex and rape and between ISIS "husbands" and rapists. Words matter, and our women matter even more.

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CHARLOTTE, North Carolina, June 2, 2016 – In its own way this ISIS story is rather humorous. After all these years of fighting the...

Fighting for Air Jordans and iPhones?

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Obama says ISIL isn't Islamic; well it isn't Buddhist or Mormon, either, and ISIS isn't the Bloods or the Cripps. It doesn't want Nike shoes; it wants a caliphate.

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The world is rightly outraged by ISIS brutality against the Yazidi, but what about terrorist attacks on and government oppression of Shia across the region?

Moderate Muslims?

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Islam may not be to blame for terrorism, but does anyone think the EgyptAir flight was brought down because of any other kind of extremism?

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Donald Trump’s brusque, plain spoken New Yorker persona today took a back seat revealing the quiet Trump. And one good speech can change everything.

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