Middle East

Middle East

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The Obama administration is racing the clock to ensure the creation of an anti-Israeli, Hamas-run state in historically Jewish areas now under Israel's control.

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We have a mess on our hands in the world of global diplomacy.

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Obama is leaving office with a final snarl and upraised finger at Israel. Donald Trump promises to change U.S.-Israeli relations; that can't happen soon enough.

Photo Credit: Prime Minister of Israel (Creative Commons)

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Is Israel only an "ally" when it comes to receiving American aid, or will it also be an "ally" when it comes to advancing American interests, and justice, in the region?

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According to Samantha Power, the U.S. abstention supports "the policy of every administration, Republican and Democrat, since before President Reagan and all the way through to the present day."

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Donald Trump wants to crush ISIS; he doesn't need a bomb-throwing ambassador to Israel who will undermine American and Israeli security and strengthen ISIS.

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At least 50 injured, higher totals possible in likely Berlin terrorist attack. In another terrorist act, Russia’s Ambassador to Turkey assassinated in Ankara museum.

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The West needs a better grasp of Islamic ideology. Analyst Raymond Ibrahim explains “grievances.”

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Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, present an interesting tale when we have been told repeatedly by the Obama administration that “Isil has nothing to do with Islam.”

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The term “Islamophobia” has become an all-to-familiar buzzword -one that never even existed a few years ago. But does it exist?

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