The Colosseum in Rome is a monument to history (wikipedia)

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Roman authorities shut down three rogue mosques involved in radicalizing Muslim youth, sparking a protest and fears that Italy might soon be an ISIS target.

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The terrorist plot discovered by Russia in Crimea last month was absurd and manufactured, a classically Russian stratagem. And it flopped this week in China.

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Talk about fiddling while Rome burns... John Kerry finds that refrigerators are far more of a danger to civilization than ISIS. This weekend's murdered German citizens might disagree.

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ISIS-affiliated mass murderers strike again, slaughtering French priest saying morning Mass in Normandy. Hollande: France "at war with ISIS." Attacks by "asylum seekers" in Germany persist as well.

Memorial to the victims at Charlie Hebdo / Photo: Azurfrog at Wikimedia

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ISIS is engaged in brushfire warfare against Europe: small attacks just about anywhere, and governments without the intelligence to predict or prevent them.

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Switzerland recently denied citizenship to two Muslim girls for failure to assimilate into Swiss culture. In Switzerland, assimilation = naturalization.

Nice, France terror path (Image By VeggiesLämpel - Base map from OpenStreetMap, CC BY-SA 4.0,

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Why has France become a target for terrorism? Its simply that the they, and the West, have become complacent.

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Not to call out Islamic terrorism is to surrender to it.

Nigel Farage, courtesy

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Without Nigel Farage, the UK would never have offered its citizens a referendum, and the UK would never have voted to leave the EU.

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The Brexit vote wasn't an expression of racism and stupidity. It was an expression of hope and nostalgia, and of disgust. The U.K won't collapse because of it.

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