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Italy's only woman, and only Reform, rabbi spoke at the National Press Club about the hidden Jews of southern Italy and the growing intolerance within the Jewish community

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As Britain’s David Cameron put it, the “swarm” of downtrodden individuals seeking refuge in Europe is threatening the fundamental nature of the EU: cohesion and freedom of movement across borders.

Dutch Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner.

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., Aug. 16, 2015 – Progressive though they may be, the Dutch have had enough when it comes to demands by Muslim immigrants....

Greeks celebrate July 5 vote.

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Greece is by far a long short from a game changing economy, it's collapse will not change the world

Arnhem Skate Hall, formerly the Church of St. Joseph (photo: Facebook)video

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As Europe wanders into religious disbelief, one religion is growing and attracting young converts: Islam.

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All bets are off on a 2015 “Grexit,” according to popular UK betting site William Hill.

Vladimir Putin / Photo: firdaus omar, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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The West looks weak and fractured; Obama says NATO won’t fight Russia in Ukraine, Putin is convinced that it can’t, and Merkel can't tell offense from defense.

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The Eurozone isn't big enough for Germany and Greece; it's time for Greece to go.

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GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel January 29, 2015 — This must be a great time to be in the “I Voted” sticker manufacturing business. Major players...

Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke."

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CHARLOTTE, NC, January 22, 2015 – Perhaps Strother Martin said it best when he uttered his famous line in the movie "Cool Hand Luke“:...

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The first 2015 supermoon was the new moon on January 20, followed by new moons on February 18 and March 20 that were also Blue Moons and next the August 29, 2015