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GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel January 29, 2015 — This must be a great time to be in the “I Voted” sticker manufacturing business. Major players...

Paul Newman in "Cool Hand Luke."

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CHARLOTTE, NC, January 22, 2015 – Perhaps Strother Martin said it best when he uttered his famous line in the movie "Cool Hand Luke“:...

Je suis Charlie Hebdo / Image: Fede Falces, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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From American campuses to France, love of Charlie Hebdo is a grand hypocrisy.

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at The Paris Grand Synagogue

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Shaming the Jewish State, the world’s primary fighter of Islamic terror, instead of the sponsors of said terror, is exactly why Europe is being overrun by Jihad

Malek Marabet brother of slain officer Ahmed Marabet

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The religion of peace, a religion of violence and jihad: Which is the real Islam?

Awesome Wallpapers | Wallpaper by Muhammad Waqas Awan (Free Use IMage)

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Except for a few, liberals speak loudly and carry no stick. It has produced some interesting analysis.

Slate cover of Charlie Hebdo is Heroic and Racist

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The attack on Charlie Hebdo was an act of Islamic barbarism. Nothing can justify it.

ABC News Screen Grab

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Israel President Benjamin Netanyahu speaks at The Paris Grand Synagogue of the values of France, Israel and the Western World

Mosque in Paris

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Islam is a permanent part of France now. Can France assimilate and change it, or will it destroy France?

So why are you shocked by the attack on Charlie Hebdo?

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When Islamists launch terrorist attacks these days, why is everyone so surprised?