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Despite the terrorism attacks in Paris this weekend, American cannot and should not invade Syria

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Islam is not a religion of peace; there is no such thing. Religion does not exist to eradicate violence, but to channel violence and to sanctify it.

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President Obama calls the acts in Paris "terrorism and extremism" swearing US support of France and Paris in this dangerous time.

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CHARLOTTE, NC, November 8, 2015 – If things continue as they are in Germany today, Chancellor Angela Merkel could be out of office before...

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., Oct. 25, 2015 – Recently, my nephew, a high-ranking career military officer, and his wife were reassigned to Western Europe. They were...

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U.K.'s David Cameron taking proactive steps to weaken the advancement of radical Islam in Britain. Should other countries follow in his steps?

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Making demands of citizens to cease their own festival in their own country because they are “offended” is precisely what Western Europe can expect more of.

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If we're afraid of losing what makes us special to a wave of refugees, we needn't worry; we've already lost it.

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Italy's only woman, and only Reform, rabbi spoke at the National Press Club about the hidden Jews of southern Italy and the growing intolerance within the Jewish community

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As Britain’s David Cameron put it, the “swarm” of downtrodden individuals seeking refuge in Europe is threatening the fundamental nature of the EU: cohesion and freedom of movement across borders.

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