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Many of nations the EU and the World Bank hope to work with are ill-equipped to either integrate or shelter the refugees arriving on their shores.

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Does Brexit signal a rightward, xenophobic and inward focus for British policy? Will it reduce U.S. engagement with the E.U. to bring peace to the Middle East?

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England simply wants to “take back its country.” Isn’t that the very same thing Donald Trump espouses?

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Brexit has been voted on and approved: All that's left to do is smile, grab a pint at the pub and sing loudly

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Britain has decided to leave the EU resulting in losses financially across the globe. But did it have to be done for the sake of Britain? 51.9% of voters said yes.

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Does the populist majority win in Britain gives Trump’s presidential campaign an election year boost? Many say yes.

Swedish Democrats subway ad - Image courtesy of A Sweden Democrats subway ad. blogger site

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The populist-right Swedish Democrats are now the largest political party in Sweden, and they oppose the mass migration of Muslim refugees into the country.

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How many conversions are there? Are the converts sincere? How can we tell? The data aren't in yet, but anecdotal evidence says "a growing number" and "some."

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Samková claims that Islam is not a religion as much as it is a “totalitarian system of governance.” It is a way of life in which government and religion cannot be separated.

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With the cleanest air in the world, Iceland should be on any traveler's short list.

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