Beji Caid el Sebsi, Prime Minister of Tunisia - Abdelfattah Elsisi @AlsisiOfficial

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Two major Islamic countries, Egypt and Tunisia, are suddenly calling for change in Islam. Is it a ray of hope?

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CDN columnist Allan C. Brownfeld claims the Palestinians are the final victims of the Holocaust, but the truth is they helped perpetuate it.

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CAIRO, July 11, 2014 — On July 2, 2014 an Egyptian excavation team from the Ministry of Antiquities and Heritage (MAH) discovered a well preserved...

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CAIRO, July 8, 2014 — The decision by new Egyptian President El Sissi to cut subsidies on several products will test his popularity. On Saturday...

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CAIRO, June 2, 2014 —  From May 26 to May 28, Egypt voted for its seventh president since the 1952 revolution. Egypt's first President was Mohamed...

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GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel, May 27, 2014 — Every time Barack Obama makes the wrong decision, everyone but him suffers. When he rammed ObamaCare down the...

Voice of America - Elections in Egypt (for Wikipedia

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Egypt's two candidates Abdel Fattah El- Sissi and Hamdeen Sabahi are two faces found on different coins.

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Ethiopia's dam on the Nile is raising serious concerns in Egypt about water access.

The Sphinx before The Pyramid at Giza (Photo: Jacquie Kubin)

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The contrast is stark. The luxury along the Nile enjoyed by a small percentage of Cairene and tourist juxtaposed against the poverty and slums that over 70% of the Egyptian people live in is brutal.

Egypt Youth Revolution - courtesy of Ahmadsyarifali's Blog -

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“We Will Write a New Constitution” actors embodied the current issues of the Egyptian society such as unemployment, sexual harassment, rights of women and elderly, and hygiene.

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