Boko Haram background. Car bomb in market aftermath

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As the world's eyes watched Paris and the deadly Charlie Hebdo attacks Boko Haram militants continued their deadly assaults that started on January 3.

Boko Haram in Baga

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"Dead bodies litter the bushes in the area and it is still no‎t safe to go and pick them (up) for burial," - Musa Bukar, Baga

Nelson Mandela statue

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Take time to look in the sky, beyond the Phoenix constellation in the south, you will see a new constellation, this one for Mandela holding his fist, defying evil.

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Africa needs to be a little bit ashamed that it could not deal effectively with this outbreak.

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Dr. Tom Frieden, Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that the US can, and will, stop the disease in the United States.

Ebola virus particles (blue) budding from a chronically infected VERO E6 cell (yellow-green). / Credit: NIAID

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WASHINGTON, August 26, 2014 – A Harvard School of Public Health poll taken between August 13 and 17 finds that 39 percent of Americans...


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It is even more alarming to see some doctors and many in the news media try and downplay the gravity of the situation.

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WASHINGTON, August 4, 2014 — “Africa has the capacity. Africa has the know-how. The questions Africa faces are similar to those confronting countries all...

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CAIRO, June 20, 2014 — The prison situation in Egypt is intolerable, both in terms of the prison conditions and the increase in the...

Brazil and Croatia | FIFA

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Why are we scared to follow the principles that we need our best to fill each role in society yet in sports that is what we expect?

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The Chardonnay Run had hundreds of running and wine enthusiasts taking off for a three mile run around the National Harbor, just outside of Washington, DC.