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“…the fact that ISIS operates without a corporate organization chart shouldn’t make us relax; it should make us more concerned.”

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Why Fidel Castro attracted admirers in our own society is part of the larger question of why he had appeal to men and women who seemed indifferent to Communism's rejection of freedoms.

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Castro brought Cuba universal health care and education, and the return of oxen as farm equipment and donkey carts as transportation. The left will miss him.

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The impact of Castro's death on Cuba is nothing and everything. Nothing immediately, but everything eventually.

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Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, present an interesting tale when we have been told repeatedly by the Obama administration that “Isil has nothing to do with Islam.”

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Will President Trump make the right decisions for both Israel and Palestine.

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Both candidates are emphasizing a strong anti-terrorism policy as concerns about terrorism continue to rise.

The Colosseum in Rome is a monument to history (wikipedia)

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Roman authorities shut down three rogue mosques involved in radicalizing Muslim youth, sparking a protest and fears that Italy might soon be an ISIS target.

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The Supreme Court of the Republic of Haiti announced yesterday that it is holding an emergency meeting in response to the announcement of the Provisional Electoral Council to hold elections on 20 November 2016.

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Who's done a better job of manipulating America's election this year: Russia's FSB or America's HRC? With help from media friends, HRC is better, hands down.

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