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In Colombia, Donald Trump would have no chance of becoming President. Only November's election will tell how he fares in the United States.

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Venezuela's military is likely watching the deteriorating situation closely, and will intervene to protect its interests.

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BOGOTÁ, COLOMBIA, August 14, 2016 – Colombia is today struggling with what conservatives call “life-style” and liberals call “gender” issues regarding the country's LBGT...

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New reporting suggests that the US Central Command, CENTCOM, intentionally twisted intelligence about US efforts against ISIS and al Qaeda, jeopardizing US personnel and interests.

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Iraq is currently facing a crisis that puts ethnic and religious groups under pressure of violence, torture and discrimination.

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Barack Obama and his loyal cronies continue to insist that “ISIS is not Islam.” Yet these politically correct statements ignore the obvious.

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How is that other minorities affected by ISIS are given an opportunity to talk about their struggles, but Shia and Shaback are not given the same opportunity?

Screen shot of Swiss Cargo plane delivering cash to Iran under cover of darkness

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Democrats and Republicans can't agree on the basic facts of the payment: Was it quid pro quo? Resolution of a legal debt? Did Iran show that it's trustworthy?

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A single soldier with Muslim heritage is being manipulated by a political campaign and a willing media to demonize the opposition when hundreds of other people have been slaughtered in cold blood elsewhere.

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With the influx of Muslim influence in Western Europe, especially Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, rallies such as the one over the weekend in Cologne are becoming increasingly unsettling.

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Donald Trump rallies on Immigration from the James A. Rhodes Arena in Akron, Ohio at 7:00 p.m. Monday, August 22, 2016