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With global conflict at the door, world leaders pursue futile climate efforts

CHICAGO, September 18, 2014– On September 23, representatives from 190 nations will gather at the Climate Summit 2014 at United Nations headquarters in New York City, including 125 heads of state. President Obama and other world leaders will attend to discuss the urgent problem of climate change, seeking common ground in preparation for a “meaningful

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A response to Allan C. Brownfeld’s self-destructing anti-Israel column

GIVAT SHMUEL, Israel September 18, 2014 — It is not all that odd to see an intelligent savvy American politician make veiled (or unveiled) anti-Semitic accusations these days. Heck, the Vice President of the United States (although evidence seems to indicate he is neither intelligent nor savvy) used the popular Jew-haters’ moniker, “Shylock,” in a

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Scottish independence vote reflects European and worldwide trends

WASHINGTON, September 18, 2014 — Voting is starting in Scotland, a part of Britain since 1707, on the referendum for Scottish independence. Late polling, if reliable, shows that British subjects in Scotland are evenly divided on the question of splitting away from the United Kingdom. Reuters reports that five surveys – from pollsters YouGov, Panelbase, Survation, Opinium