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It is inaccurate to call homegrown terrorists “lone wolves” in the purest definition of the word because they have already been indoctrinated into the Islamist philosophy.

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The last scene shows a young blond boy standing next to a jihadi to watch another beheading. Following that, the boy pulls a pistol from his vest and assists the executioner in shooting the prisoner.

Obama's silence (screen shot from you tube)

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President Obama made no mention of Saturday's terrorist attacks until Monday morning.

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By putting a provision in the agreement that Israel will not lobby Congress for additional funds undermining the very existence of the American Israeli Public Affair Committee.

Osama bin Laden - Image created by CNN from open use images - no copyright infringement intended.

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As we sit here in 2016 and read the final two steps in the al-Qaeda plan, it may seem far fetched. On the other hand, the first five stages are complete and virtually intact.

John Kerry at Dante's Gates of Hell

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WASHINGTON, September 9, 2016 – Secretary of State John Kerry announced that the U.S. and Russia reached an agreement a temporary cease-fire agreement in...

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The terrorist plot discovered by Russia in Crimea last month was absurd and manufactured, a classically Russian stratagem. And it flopped this week in China.

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America is the leader in helping to ensure freedom around the globe.

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The point is that whether or not Muslim husbands abuse their wives, the religion itself allows them to.

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Two new Canadian studies challenge many Western ideas of Islam.

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