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Palmyra monumental arch / Photo: Yeowatzup, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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A tsunami of terror, regardless of how destructive ISIS becomes, it will be impossible for it to wipe out the entire global museum of UNESCO sites or the history of religion.

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Barack Obama says something, the press buys it, despite his lengthy record of prevarication, and then they are shocked when the news breaks that contradicts the president.

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The terrorist organization ISIS announced that it intended to invade Rome. With the largest Muslim population in Europe Rome, and the Catholic church, should be very concerned.

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Corozal, Belize offers a unique retirement and vacation destination that has mild weather, and lots of activities.

Mona White - Image property of Mona White

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A Somali Muslim woman now living in Sweden read the Koran and suddenly everything changed.

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NEW CASTLE, PA, May 11, 2015 - Before the facts were even fully known, coverage of the Muhammad cartoon exhibition shooting in Garland, Texas, immediately focused...

And what is ISIS?

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Although the identities of the prisoners has not yet been released, the decision of ISIS to target this particular prison suggests that high profile members were housed in the facility.

Sean Hannity - Pamela Geller and Anjem Choudary on Fox News Tonight

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In various ways, Hannity, Gellar, and Choudary espouse the same message: that Islam is a barbaric, backwards religion that cannot be compatible with the West.

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Hitler separated the Jewish by marking their passport at first, then with a “STAR OF DAVID”, slaughtering them. Saudi is now marking the Shia

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Nepal has been hit by two major earthquakes in less than a century and the toll has been devastating.

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