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"Ms Holten has a big mouth" and residents had no desire to give her the gift of citizenship "if she annoys us and doesn't respect our traditions." Can we reject senators from the capitol?

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This column favors the Hamiltonian emphasis on fundamentals over Jeffersonian political rhetoric

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President Obama has ended an immigration policy that allowed Cubans who arrive in the United States without a visa to become permanent residents.

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Before Obama leaves the White House, and before Hillary Clinton runs for mayor of New York City, all kinds of intelligence operations should be initiated to help President Trump eradicate the shadowy, sleezy, and corrupt habits of the entrenched political class.

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The new Congress is in session now, and before Obama leaves the White House, he should be seen for what he really is, and that is not a true American.

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Obama urged U.S. “friends and allies around the world” to "oppose Russia’s efforts to interfere with "democratic governance.” But he still can't say radical Islam.

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The U.S. sanctions against Russia include ejecting Russian diplomats and closing two Russian compounds. The Russian response does not include closing a school.

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The Obama administration is racing the clock to ensure the creation of an anti-Israeli, Hamas-run state in historically Jewish areas now under Israel's control.

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We have a mess on our hands in the world of global diplomacy.

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Obama is leaving office with a final snarl and upraised finger at Israel. Donald Trump promises to change U.S.-Israeli relations; that can't happen soon enough.

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