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Canada is due for elections in October, and observers wonder whether the initiatives taken by Prime Minister Stephen Harper will survive the election.

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Obama knows that he is not stopping the spread of the Islamic State. All he is doing is attempting to slow their progress.

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Ukraine's real test is just month away when it is due to pay another $1 billion to bondholders in September, followed by a controversial $3 billion payment to Russia in December.

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The most dangerous part of the Iran deal is that Obama doesn’t care that he made a bad deal

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America will be placed in the position of using our military might, the product of more than half of our tax dollars that go into the federal budget, to put up or shut up.

Jonathan Pollard

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A zionist Jonathan Pollard evidently believed the propaganda he was raised on. For spying on the U.S. he has paid a heavy price, but not an unreasonable one.

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Barack Obama loves nothing more than providing foggy legislation and the Iran deal is no different

Neville Chamberlain - Wilt Chamberlain

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If Neville Chamberlain created the Frankenstein monster out of Adolf Hitler in 1938, the world has just witnessed the evolution of making Iran into Frankenstein Junior in Vienna, and Barack Obama was the surgeon.

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When viewed through the lens of reality, this deal places America and its’ allies in grave danger and will be seen as a historic mistake.

Who you trust? No. 7 or No. 44 - or neither Images courtesy

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The Iran nuclear arms deal has produced an entirely predictable result: Both sides disagree about what the deal actually means.

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