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Rather than clarify the situation, any Turkish incursion into Syria will only deepen the crisis.


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The United Nations is pleading with warring factions in South Sudan to end blockades of food aid.

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First and foremost, the Obama administration cannot allow the United States to be pulled into another unwinnable war.

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Election 2016 is not just a choice between whomever Republicans and Democrats nominate. It is a decision between freedom and peace on the one hand, or slavery and war on the other.

Jonathan Pollard

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The Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations held a secret meeting with Jonathan Pollard, convicted and confessed spy and traitor. Why?

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Joe Biden appears to have hinted at plans to escalate America’s intervention in Syria. What role should the U.S. have in the war against the Islamic State?

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CHARLOTTE, N.C., Jan. 25, 2016 – Sometimes the outlandish commentary coming from Washington these days is almost too absurd for words. Take Secretary of...

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CNN’s Tom Foreman recently attempted to explain ISIS by using the Vikings and Vlad the Impaler.

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President Obama claims that ISIS is not Islam, but ISIS has a different point of view, and in its slick new magazine, it capably explains why Obama is wrong.

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Here is how to turn the fight against radical Islam around , win, and make America great--and safe--again.

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