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Nonie Darwish is a Muslim convert to Christianity who knows Islam from the inside

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As Pamela Geller correctly aksa, “Do the millions of Muslims who express support for suicide bombings against civilians ‘in defense of Islam’ qualify as ‘peaceful’?”

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Lebanon shares much history with France; now that history includes the fight against terrorism. As the writer journeys, he is asked to 'pray for us' when he gets there.

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Barack Obama may be smart but he lectures the American people like we are children…his children.

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Leaving home for a long trip is never easy, but it's worse when you're going someplace the world thinks is scary. The home turf of ISIS qualifies.

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There is no such thing as "moderate Islam." There are only moderate Muslims who do not understand the Koran or the implications of its teachings.

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The failure of the Obama Administration’s policy towards Islamic terrorism in general and ISIS in particular was made plain by the tragic events in France. Does he live in Rainbow Land?

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BEIRUT, Nov. 20, 2015 —Working and traveling so much in the past few months, I had little time to prepare for the trip ahead. It...

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The best way to stop this flow of immigrants, who would much prefer to remain in their homes, is to defeat ISIS and restore stability to the Middle East.

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The world may be looking to the US, and a newly elected president next year, for leadership in the fight against ISIS.

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