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Leadership in Islam: Shia v. Sunni

WASHINGTON, October 16, 2014 — In an interview with Al Hadath TV in June 2014, Sheikh Ahmad al-Qabisi, an Iraqi Sunni cleric, said, “if Sunni had strong leadership (Marja’) as Shia do, they could have gotten rid of all Shia in Iraq by now.” Al-Qabisi is well-known in Iraq as a Sunni intellectual cleric. He has accused Seyed


New developments in Kobane strengthen the Islamic State

CHARLOTTE, NC, October 16, 2014 – According to accounts by the London paper “The Guardian,” American-led airstrikes have slowed the Islamic State’s advance to a limited degree, but they have done little halt the massacre of innocent Kurds in the gateway city to Turkey along the Syrian border. The atrocities have become magnified by the


Islam and the Obama administration’s war of words

CHARLOTTE, N.C., October 14, 2014 — The longer President Barack Obama is in office, the more confusing things get. Not so much because everything is more complex, but because the administration plays so many word games that are calculated to absolve the president of responsibility for anything. For example, Adam Kredo of the “Washington Free