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There is no question who was the statesman, and it was not the American president.

Benjamin Netanyahu addresses Congress

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Prime Minister Netanyahu noted that a picture of Moses was hanging in the back of the capitol. Moses’s people will not back down. They will survive.


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President Obama pulled out all the stops to prevent Bibi from speaking to Congress. Tomorrow we will see it did not work.

Photo Credit: Prime Minister of Israel (Creative Commons)

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Should the administration expect Benjamin Netenyahu to be quiet when Israel is in the crosshairs of the Islamic powers in the Middle East?

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In Middle Eastern parlance, a “good deal” is not “good” as the West knows it. It simply means “less bad.”

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If the jihadists want to strike, “this is the time to do it,” Bolton says.

Islamic State Wasteland

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Comparisons to the Nazi's in World War II, it has gotten to the point that the violence, murder, genocide can no longer be ignored

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When it comes to terrorism, the Obama Administration thinks, "it's the economy, stupid." Stupid indeed.

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CHARLOTTE, NC, February 26, 2015 – As Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to Congress nears, the game of diplomatic chicken between President Barack Obama and the...

And what is ISIS?

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Graeme Wood went looking for answers about ISIS and got a huge response; even ISIS was interested.