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Castle of Chillon

The Swiss Golden Pass features castles, vineyards and hot air balloons

SWITZERLAND, September 13, 2014 — Switzerland’s Golden Pass connects three rail journeys into a single trip that combines diverse scenery linking the German region of the country with the French. The first section travels from Lucerne to Interlaken over a rack railroad that glides through forested mountains beside glacial lakes. The middle portion of the Golden

By Cristiano Corsini

Visiting Amsterdam’s Red Light District, mushrooms and marijuana

AMSTERDAM, August 1, 2014 — The capital city of the Netherlands, Amsterdam, carries a reputation of extreme toleration for debauchery. One of the community’s major attractions, the Red Light District, is internationally known for its prostitution, mushrooms, and marijuana. “Smart shops” market the natural hallucinogens, distributed after constant refrigeration and ranked according to visual, energy,