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Downtown Kansas City Missouri Aerial Photos

Kansas City – One charming and burgeoning metropolis

Kansas City – One charming and burgeoning metropolis

KANSAS CITY, MO, July 31, 2014 — Kansas City is “The City of Fountains” to many people and the home of swing and bebop for many others. Music enthusiasts are drawn to the jazz clubs and old haunts of famous musicians such as Charlie Parker and Count Basie. Kansas City has more fountains than any

Prehistoric-looking mountain in SE Arizona off of I-10

Last stop: El Paso then home

It is vacation time in the US which means cross-country travel for many. The following article is the last of several that chronicles my adventure with Jan Pawlak in the summer of 2010. They originally appeared in my column Feed the Mind, Nourish the Soul at the Communities @ The Washington Times from August to November 2010.

Jericho Canyon Winery in Calistoga, Napa Valley.
Image: S. Perkovich

A Tour of Calistoga Napa Valley: top six things to do

SONOMA, JULY 19, 2014 – Calistoga, in lovely Napa Valley, California, is breathtaking year-round. Nestled at the base of the Palisades Mountains and Mount Saint Helena, and at the very north end of the Napa Valley, you will find Calistoga. It is a small town treasure in an otherwise vast and often crowded wine country. 1.

Founders Dinner at Stull Residence by Susana Bates

Napa Valley Festival del Sole: A celebration of art and wine

SONOMA, CALIFORNIA, July 18, 2014 – Napa Valley’s Festival del Sole is in full swing, right in the middle of a ten-day celebration of art, music, dance, wellness, cuisine and, of course, wine. Festival del Sole is truly a celebration of life, and the wine country lifestyle meeting the big city arts scene.   Napa

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park

Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park to add eight acres

ATLANTA, July 17, 2014 — Georgia’s two U.S. Senators have introduced legislation to add eight acres of land to the Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park. The additional acres include the Wallis House, one of the few remaining structures from the battle, and Harriston Hill. Cobb County and the Cobb Land Trust have already purchased the land to

Phoenix skyline at night. Photo by Alan Stark

Holiday in Phoenix

FORT WORTH, Texas July 14, 2014 — Once again my eyes opened as a door banged shut. This time it was an apartment door and Rob was the one who went through it. In the dim of the room my body snuggled deeper into the couch as sleep once again pulled me under. Later on