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Holiday Wine Suggestions

Wines with which to impress over the holidays

Wines with which to impress over the holidays

SONOMA, CA, November 23, 2014 – It seems like it was just Halloween, but the holidays are upon us, ready or not. Thanksgiving is less than a week away, and Christmas is lurking right around the corner. With the holidays come celebrations, and with celebrations comes wine, lots of wine. Thanksgiving may be the toughest

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A luxury weekend in Boulder, Colorado

BOULDER,, November 2014  – Surrounded by 45,000 acres of open space with the grandeur of the Flatirons rock formation as a backdrop, Boulder, Colorado has come a long way since its early days as a bustling mining town. Today, the city is known for its hip, healthy vibe as well as upscale and historic hotels,

San Francisco Halloween 2014

Find your fear in San Francisco – 13 Bay Area Halloween Haunts

SAN FRANCISCO, October 9, 2014 – Halloween is nearly upon us; the frightfully fun holiday that allows people to tap into their inner freak and put it on display for everyone to witness without judgment. These gems add up to some downright creepy places that are rumored to be haunted and open for business. Where

Napa Valley Film Festival 2014
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Guide to the Fourth Annual Napa Valley Film Festival, November 12-16, 2014

NAPA, CA, October 26, 2014 – The Napa Valley Film Festival (NVFF) is about to kick off its fourth annual festival, with this year’s theme “The Ultimate Film, Food and Wine Experience.” Napa Valley is the perfect setting for this lavish festival.  It is already well known for its wine, food and art; now it


News coverage and reaction to Ebola: Sensationalized or sensible?

The anxiety level concerning Ebola, at least reflected by the media coverage, was acute before this report, but now is nearing the point where everything else in the news cycle is exhibiting anemia in comparison.

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Two great Kansas towns, one great trip

Kansas City, MO September, 3. 2014 Kansas City, Kansas and Kansas City, Missouri are often confused with each other. Although the name Kansas ties them together, they have distinct and individual personalities as reflected in their food, culture and attractions that draw millions of visitors each year. The confluence of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers,