Sweden's Systembolaget

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Despite the fact that the purpose of Systembolaget is to minimize drinking, their product line is one of the most comprehensive in the world. Now that’s the spirit!

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Travelers to Lake Geneva can enjoy odes to famous monsters, castles and the best fireworks in the world. Travel with Peabod to its shores

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2014 Summer Solstice is Midsummer Night’s Dream in Scandinavia

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SWEDEN, April 5, 2014 – Build a canal across Sweden? The idea seemed preposterous, though the purpose was simple. It would be a shortcut,...

Maltidens hus, home of Grythyttan Academy for Culinary Arts by Jan Ainali for Wikipedia

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GRYTHYTTAN, SWEDEN February 15, 2014 – One of the great joys of travel is the serendipitous magic of finding a destination that have been largely...

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