Central America

Central America

Central America, or Mesoamerica, is an easily over looked bridge of land between Southern Mexico and South America that contains 7% of the world's extreme bio-diversity and a rich history going back to 10,000, and some feel up to 40,000 B.C.
Red and Green Coffee Beans | Image Sara Burroughs

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Touring Costa Rican farms where coffee, cocoa and vanilla are harvested is not only fun, but educational as we learn where some of our favorite things come from

Travel the World - Belize in Central America

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Travel to Belize in Central America with Bob Taylor and Jacquie Kubin on The CommDigiNews Hour Travel the World Podcast Radio

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The Golden Triangle of Nicaragua includes San Juan Del Sur, Ometepe Island and Granda and nestled within is Rancho Chilamate and a host of spectacular experiences.

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NICARAGUA, January 6, 2013  — While Nicaragua is still refining its tourism infrastructure and service, it is poised to re-introduce itself and share its...

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BELIZE, September 10, 2014 — It seems like practically everyone is retiring overseas these days.  In a day and time when international expats are the new...

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Traveling with kids means combining things that will interest the whole family and not break the travel budget. With great weather and the benefits of both land and sea - beach and mountain, Belize is perfect for family travel.

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The Qualified Retired Person’s Programme provides exemption from taxes on income and import duties for expats living in Belize,

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Mezcal's journey from the agave fields of Oaxaca to an emerging spirit in cocktail lounges across the country.

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Cayo Tour Guide Assoc. working to educated young Belizian's through and about eco tourism while sparking next generation guides

Belize Resorts

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BELIZE, July 4, 2014 – Thousands of travelers visit Belize every year thanks to the country’s magnificent beauty: a pristine barrier reef (the largest...

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