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As globetrotting increases, there may be other, invisible, safety factors, especially for seniors.

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A garden so beautiful, you almost expect to see a naked man and woman frolicking with an apple and a serpent—the "Gardd Bodnant" is a must if you love gardens.

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American politics these days is reminiscent of Alice in Wonderland's Mad Hatter: “When I say ‘Yes,’ I mean ‘No,’ and when I say ‘No,’ I mean ‘Yes.’”

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44,000 people were evacuated from their homes on Kyushu, and nine died in a 6.4 quake. On Saturday, a 7.8 earthquake left 238 dead and 1500 injured in Ecuador.

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For people who want to visit paradise on the cheap, Lombok, Indonesia is the place.

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Bali is one of those places that captivates you even if you don’t know why at first.

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Costa Rica offers travelers - from kids to grandparents - history, bio diversity, eco travel, architecture, mountains, volcanoes and more - and at surprisingly affordable rates - a bit of Paradise Found

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Although they happen in all fifty states, Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas are synonymous with tornadoes.

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Travel to the Holy Land is a bucket list adventure, but travelers should be prepared when they go.

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From sea to table, the fresh fish found on the Cayman islands - from culinary restaurant to local eatery, is without compare

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