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Waylon Mercy

Time Machine Thursday: Waylon Mercy

The day of the week known as Thursday has worn many hats from major party night in college to last real day of the work week in the real world and “TBT” or “Throwback Thursday” in the social media world. Each Thursday for this column, however, shall henceforth be known as Time Machine Thursday, or


Lesnar destroys Cena at SummerSlam: What’s next for the WWE and the network (Video)

HOUSTON, August 18, 2014 —Last night Brock Lesnar defeated 15 time world champion John Cena, to become the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, in what one could only describe as a squash-match. Just like Wrestlemania 30, the booking of SummerSlam spoke volumes to where the WWE is heading. Twenty-seven years ago, SummerSlam ’88 debuted on PPV