This column covers the world of NFL football from the different perspectives of various writers across the country.

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Chris Christie and Jeb Bush were the surprising winners of the New Hampshire debate.

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America loves an underdog and a fairy tale, but this game could be as brutal as the one Denver faced two years ago against the Seattle Seahawks.

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46 sportswriters will meet in an undisclosed location in the New York metropolitan area. In the football equivalent of an underground bunker, vigorous debates will take place. Some of them will see their shadows four days after Groundhog Day, and America will have seven or eight new nominees to the Pro Football Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio.

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The National Football League decided that the Super Bowl had to be more than the world’s greatest sporting event.

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If Manning and the Broncos upset the Panthers on Sunday and Peyton Manning rides into the sunset with the parting gift of another Super Bowl ring, perhaps we should just appreciate it for what it is: A great football moment.

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If you have never seen the Carolina Panthers play, just watch on Super Bowl Sunday. This team is living the dream and enjoying every minute.

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The AFC and NFC Title Games are two thrill rides. The winners get to go to the Super Bowl. The losers know they came up just one game short.

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Here are the top ten Divisional upsets in NFL history.

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Here is the NFL 2015-2016 Divisional Preview and Bettor’s Guide, with point spreads provided by and all times Eastern.

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