This column covers the world of NFL football from the different perspectives of various writers across the country.

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This week showcases some of the best teams matching up against each other, as well as the worst teams matching up together.

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Football Analyst Eric Golub breaks down each game from last week 15 of NFL action.

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Bitter division rivalries take place in the NFC East and NFC West, while the AFC West, AFC East and AFC South offer those games on a lesser scale.

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Playoffs are inching closer and things are heating up and getting interesting after Week 14 in the NFL.

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Football expert Eric Golub tackles this week's games and gives you his picks for the games, including a few upsets.

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On this quintessentially American Thanksgiving weekend, there was the quintessentially American game of football offering a hearty feast for pigskin fans.

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CHARLOTTE, NC, December 1, 2014 – If NFL players want to be politicians then they need to take a pay cut from their football...

Ray Rice, the NFL's big bad / Photo: Paul M. Gardner, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

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The big money question is, whether a playoff bound team will want this formidable impact player lining up to take a new team to the Super Bowl.

Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders – from Wikimedia Commons

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Thanksgiving week brings lots of good football on Thursday.

Kevin and James Rocking Sports Show

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Kevin Wells and James Ryan break down the Boston Red Sox signings, the USC-UCLA football game, NFL playoff projections, and the new Star Wars trailer.