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The ballyhooed Clayton Kershaw has actually been pretty good in the playoffs, despite what some will have you think. The numbers don't lie.

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The song is a fast punk rock ode to the best pitcher in the game.

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Former New York Yankees Hall of Fame catcher Yogi Berra died at the age of 90 at his home in New Jersey. Leaving behind a legacy and plenty of "isms"

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The National League proves to be superior in grammar over the American League. Where does your team stand on grammar?

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Wells On Baseball previews the American League, including postseason predictions.

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Wells On Baseball previews the National League with postseason predictions.

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Stuart Scott dies at age 49 from brain cancer.

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Scott Boras would like you to believe that Scherzer has less mileage on his arm as a result of his lower innings total.

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The Dodgers have made a ton of moves and the team will look significantly different in 2015.

Kevin and James Rocking Sports Show

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Music by: CJ Ramone, NOFX, Evil Beaver, and Anti-Flag.

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