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Michael Phelps claims to have retired. But we have heard that before. What do you know about the most decorated swimmer in the world.

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The headlines change so quickly, that last weeks eye catchers are often nothing more than a memory. What do you remember from the leading headlines of last week?

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The all-female led Ghostbusters film has premiered amid criticism and praise; What do you remember from the original film?

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What do you know about America's Birthday?

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The United Kingdom made headlines as they voted to leave the European Union. How much do you know about what happened in the UK?

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Headlines for the previous week have been filled with mayhem and murder. How close did you watch world events? Take our quiz to find out.

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The history of politics is interesting to say the least. Chances are you don't really know how the present day Liberals and Conservatives got to where we are.

Photo: Gideon Tsang, Creative Commons, some rights reserved

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What do you know about gun rights and guns in America? Take the quiz!

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Alexander Hamilton did not, as far as we know, sign or dance on stage. ow well do you know the founding father's legacy?

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