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Does Boehner want to cave to Obama on immigration?

Does Boehner want to cave to Obama on immigration?

WASHINGTON, November 22, 2014 — President Obama held his own midterm elections in his head, and surprise — he won. Armed with his imaginary mandate, Obama went before the nation Thursday night and informed the losers, the American people, that the needs of the nation’s growing Central American entitlement recipients outweigh the concerns of native-born, taxpaying,

Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and the late Sen. Ted Kennedy share a laugh as Romneycare is signed into law.

Just following orders: The ‘stupid voter’ and the Gruber Effect

WASHINGTON, November 14, 2014 — If you’re a conservative, libertarian or a member of the Tea Party, you can stop worrying about President Obama. November fourth’s electoral shellacking rendered the Chicago community organizer an ineffectual lame duck. Whatever unilateral actions he undertakes during his remaining two years in office can be undone by a smart and crafty Republican

The U.N. General Assembly / Photo: Luke Redmond, used under Flickr Creative Commons license

The United Nations second guesses America’s new marijuana laws

WASHINGTON, November 13, 2014 — First it was the effort to pull America into the vortex of the U.N. Small Arms Treaty and the Law Of The Sea Treaty (aptly named ‘LOST’), Agenda 21, and Cap and Trade. Now, the U.N. has decided it doesn’t approve of recent decisions of voters in Colorado, Oregon, Washington State and

Money laundering

Dark Money illuminates the truth

WASHINGTON, November 11, 2014 — The scolds in the mainstream media fear and hate “dark money.”  The term is meant to conjure sinister connotations of free people putting their money where their political speech is. Though secret financial support to political action committees (PACs) comes from both the left and right, the mainstream media’s chief complaint —