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Climate Change & the White House security breach: The sky is falling!

Climate Change & the White House security breach: The sky is falling!

WASHINGTON, September 22, 2014 — Omar Gonzalez of Copperas Cove, Texas, thought he’d get a jump on New York City’s Climate march that took place last Sunday. An estimated 300,000 climate Chicken Littles assembled outside the United Nations headquarters to pressure delegates to its 2014 Climate Summit into “action.” Back to Gonzalez. Friday evening, the Iraq

Nancy Pelosi and Elijah Cummings

Nancy Pelosi’s fight to save ‘civilization as we know it’

WASHINGTON, September 14, 2014 — The intellectual powerhouse of the Democratic Party, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, told comedian Bill Maher that traditional Democratic voters are shiftless, ungrateful schmucks. “Nobody comes out to vote to say ‘thank you,’” Pelosi said, “The people who get health care now – they’re the people least likely to vote. The


Obama Administration blocks inspectors general, independent oversight

WASHINGTON, September 10, 2014 — In an August fundraiser at the Bel-Air home of Alan Horn, chairman of Walt Disney Studios, President Obama bemoaned the growing mistrust of government in America. “And so you’ve got a self-fulfilling prophesy: People who have the most at stake in a government that works opt out of the system. Those

Reid and Obama / The White House, used under government works license

Senate Democrats abandon Bill of Rights, Reid will make America ‘sane’

WASHINGTON, September 9, 2014 — Vulnerable Democrats face severe obstacles in maintaining their control of the U.S. Senate this election cycle: Public support for Obamacare stands at 35 percent, down three points from a Kaiser Health Foundation survey released last May; a new Washington Post/ABC News poll finds that 52 percent of Americans, including one-in-four Democrats, call